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Appeal-Cum-Invitation to AMU students for Alumni Meet & Birth Bi-Centenary Celebration of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

On behalf of the University, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome students to the Aligarh Muslim University. I am confident it will be an inspiring, challenging and enjoyable journey for you.  From humble beginnings in the early 20th century, the University emerged as one of India's most distinguished and iconic Higher Education Institutions, occupying a crucial place in the emergence and preservation of both cultural and intellectual heritage of India.

  Creating the right ambience on campus for a vibrant knowledge culture and intellectual system is one of our top priorities.  With a strong knowledge tradition, the actions we take and decisions we make would be guided by in-depth knowledge and sound judgements based on clear understanding and profound wisdom. As said by Sir Syed himself,

"The basis of all (progress) is that you bring all treasures of knowledge under your control."

Each year we welcome a large number of students to our campuses. I am delighted to welcome all the new students to the University and my best wishes to them to unlock and realize their full potential. I sincerely believe that the students will make the best use of the opportunities to become competent professionals, entrepreneurs and above all, great human beings.

 We emphasise that students should show consideration and respect for their teachers,seniors,peers and others in the community. Students are reminded that they live as part of a community that includes students and staff who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures worldwide. However, we share an ethos that respects openness, inclusiveness, congeniality and diversity. We are proud of our talented, motivated and energetic faculty and staff, many of whom are leaders in their field nationally and internationally.

Our University has a long tradition of imparting knowledge to students and scholars from all walks of life and from diverse geographic, ethnic, gender, racial, and religious backgrounds. Just as important has been its role in being a source of learning, discovery and engagement for thousands of students from around the globe. Wherever they have come from, our students have made a difference in transforming all fields of human endeavour, and we want to make sure that your years at Aligarh Muslim University will be as successful and productive as those who have come before you.

With that goal in mind, we share this Student Code, which delineates the rights and responsibilities of students in a wide spectrum of activities throughout the University. The Code likewise sets this university's standards of civility and its expectations for responsible behaviour. Aligarh Muslim University stands for the dignity of all peoples and respect for their ideals and beliefs. At the same time, as an educational institution, the University regards free speech and expression as integral to our values and essential to the preservation of a genuine learning environment.  However, we draw the line and refuse to acquiesce to acts of intimidation, violence, or hate. Always remember what Sir Syed believed :

"The first requisite for the progress of the nation is the brotherhood and unity amongst sections of  the society."

 Our unique educational system will ensure that you gain not just depth and breadth in your chosen area of specialization, but a holistic set of skills that will equip you to face the real world. At every stage, there will be opportunities to expand your boundaries, platforms for collaboration and learning, and recognition for those who strive to excel. We also hope that you will respond to the important challenges and opportunities that are characteristic of being a responsible citizen which our beloved founder always wanted us to do. In his own words,"It is the categorical verdict of all the nations and great seers of the world that national progress depends on education and training (of the people)."

 Aligarh Muslim University has for more than ninety years, been dedicated to its mission to nurture scholars who will contribute to society by advancing knowledge and imparting it to new generations of students. Staff, students and supporters take pride in having contributed to the University's reputation as India's flagship, research-led university, known for the excellence of its teaching, its research, and its service to its local, national and international communities.


1.The tehzib of Aligarh Muslim university is precious and we expect you to carry it forward with full dignity. So all of you must interact with your seniors in the best possible manner and learn maximum from them.

Respect for women is the most prized tradition of this university. Whether they are your teachers or classmates, learn to place them on a high pedestal.

 The Provosts and Wardens are your guardians who will always take care of you.

2. Take care of the university resources,they are meant for you and your comfort. Wastage will result in shortage and ultimately cause inconvenience to you. Treat this campus as a home away from home.

 Similarly, take care of your valuable time. Utilise each second of your day to move forward. Remember "Opportunity knocks the door only once" . Learn to identify friends and foes both. Be strong enough not to give in to temptations. Set targets for yourself and devise ways to achieve them.

3. The Alumni of this university have achieved heights of glory in almost all fields. We dream to see you at the pinnacle of success and glory in your chosen field in the years to come. The vast network of AMU Alumni has helped this university in providing better career and placement opportunities for the students. We wish to see you as a strong part of this chain one day.

4. Develop a balanced academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular schedule for yourself. Our aim is to produce well-rounded individuals who are knowledgeable and impressive personalities.

5.There are provisions for financial assistance for needy students of this university. The details of this are mentioned in  the  scholarship directory of DSW office(online).

  SOME DO's and DON'Ts

 I proudly share with you that AMU is a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. We take pride in our traditions and follow them with utmost sincerity.So it is our earnest desire that:

 All male students of this university should have a sherwani stitched as soon as possible. Wear your sherwani on every Friday and on all formal occasions to keep the ALIG spirit alive.

Perform your prayers regularly (whatever your religion has allowed). Prayer is a meditation that will help you in keeping you mentally and physically balanced.

Learn the university tarana by heart. Understand its meaning and become a part of this fraternity.

Motorcycles/mopeds/mopeds are not permitted for boys inside the Halls of residence

Always keep your identity card with you.

Congratulations to new students on your decision to study at Aligarh Muslim University. For us, there will be no more important challenge over the next few years than to ensure that this institution offers you an exceptional university experience. The University will try at all times to give you the best possible support within the available resources. For all the University community; remember that the University rules, regulations, systems and structures are all developed to ensure your success and to assist the University with its functions.  We believe in excellence and above all, we are looking to produce tomorrow's leaders, mature well-rounded individuals who will lead, actively participate and contribute to society.

 In sha Allah, god will help you in achieving your goal.