Prof. Rafiuddin

    Ph. D.




    1-Solid State Chemistry 2-Membrane Science 3-Biophysical Chemistry


    A-5, Lane-A, Hamza Colony, Dhaurra Mafi, Aligarh-202001





    Time Table


Best five Publications:

  1. Modified composite cation exchange membrane with enhanced stability and electrochemical performance, J Solid State Electrochem, (2021) 25, 489–504, Aiman Zehra, Mohammad Mujahid Ali Khan, Rafiuddin*.

  2. Synthesis, properties and application of titania incorporated potassium iodoplumbite nanocomposite solid electrolyte for the manufacture of high value capacitors, Electrochimica Acta, 342 (2020) 136097, Suhail Iqbal Wani, Rafiuddin*.
  3. Solid electrolytes based on {1−(x+ y)} ZrO2-(x) MgO-(y) CaO ternary system: Preparation, characterization, ionic conductivity, and dielectric properties, Journal of Advanced Research 9 (2018) 35-41, Nazli Zeeshan, Rafiuddin*.
  4. Synthesis, characterization and electrical studies of solid polymer electrolyte (1-x) PANI-KAg4I5.xAl2O3, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 45 (2017) 85- 91, Sakshi Singh, Rafiuddin*.
  5. Synthesis of Phosphonated Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Based Composite Membrane: Effects of Counter and Co-Ions on Its Electrochemical Properties for Separation Applications, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 55 (2016) 12655-12666, Shahla Imteyaz, Rafiuddin*.

Recipient of Nehru Centenary British Fellowship in chemistry awarded by Government of India and British Council, U.K. in 1992.

Post Doctoral Fellow in the Chemical laboratory, University of Kent at Canterbury, England from 1992-1993.

Thirty years of research experience after Ph.D. . Successfully guided eighteen students for Ph.D and three for M.Phil degree and presently three students are working for their Ph.D degree.

Presented research papers in prestigious conferences such as Gordon Research Conference held in United States, Solid State Ionics and Materials Chemistry held in Holland and U.K. respectively apart from many other National Conferences. 

Has been invited speakers in two National Conferences. 

Has been organizing secretary of two National Conferences and an International Conference organized by the Department of Chemistry at A.M.U. Aligarh. 

Twenty four years of teaching experience at postgraduate and graduate levels of the following courses: a) Solid state Chemistry (M.Sc.) b) Spectroscopy and Diffraction Methods (M.Sc.).

Actively engaged in Research in the fields of Solid State Chemistry, Solid State Ionics, Electrochemistry and Thermodynamics of synthetic Composite Membranes, Kinetics and Mechanisms of Oxidation of Bio molecules by Metal‒Ion Oxidants, and formation of Nanoparticles.

Has been coordinator of industrial chemistry for five years from 2007-2012.

Has been elected as University Court Member for two consecutive terms.

Has been the President of University Athletic Club from July 2007-2014.

Presntly Provost of Mohammad Habib Hall.

Member Of AMU Court.

Member of Executive Council.

Member of Academic Council.

Study Material
Study material for M.Sc. II semester.
Study material for M.Sc.II Semester, Department of chemistry, AMU
Study material for M.Sc. II semester. ( ESR Spectroscopy)
Study material for M.Sc. II semester. ( Hyperfine structure)
Notification for assignment submission for M.Sc. II semester, chemistry.
Study material for M.Sc. II semester ( NQR Spectroscopy)
Study material for M.Sc. III semester (Solid state chemistry)
Study material for M.Sc. III semester (Solid Ionic Conductors)
Study material for M.Sc. III semester (Solid state chemistry)