Dean Students' Welfare


    • The D.S.W. shall coordinate the activities of various Halls of Residence and the N.R.S.C.
    • The D.S.W. shall coordinate the work of allotment of residential accommodation and shifting of residential students from one Hall to another.
    • The D.S.W. shall monitor the functioning of the University Health Service and indoor treatment of students in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer and the Provost concerned.
    • The D.S.W. shall coordinate the proper functioning of the dining halls to ensure uniformity of cost and standards to the extent possible.
    • The D.S.W. shall be the Chairman of the Canteen Committee.
    • The D.S.W. shall be actively associated in the running of the Coaching and Guidance Centre, National Social Service Scheme, Employment Bureau, General Education Centre of the University and other co-curricular activities of students, in consultation with the In-Charge of the organization concerned.
    • The D.S.W. shall be the Coordinator of Admissions of Foreign Students.
    • The D.S.W. shall co-ordinate and arrange the disbursement of all financial aids, scholarships, stipends etc. to the students.
    • The D.S.W. shall make arrangement with Railway authorities for the issue of railway concessions to students during vacations for educational tours, and for students' participation in extracurricular activities and sports.
    • The D.S.W. will issue character certificates to the students after obtaining reports from the Provosts, the Dean of Faculty concerned and the Proctor in respect of the students.
    • The D.S.W. shall work for the  welfare of the students as prescribed in the Regulations and also as directed by the Vice-Chancellor from time to time.