University Women's Polytechnic

University Women's Polytechnic


The Aligarh Muslim University has been a pioneering institution in providing quality education. Many a times, it has been ranked among the top universities in the country. It has also secured places in world ranking of institutions. The history of technical education dates back to 1935, with the establishment of Zakir Hussain College of Engineering & Technology. Another institution named as University Polytechnic (Boys) was established in the year 1937 to provide entry level technical education.

The mentors at the university in 1966 felt the need of a separate entry level technical institution for the female students of the university. It had to be a unique institute wherein technical education was to be provided in both engineering as well as non-engineering disciplines. Following this concept, University Women's Polytechnic was established in the year 1966 under III Five Year Plan as an adjunct institute of University Polytechnic. Initially, the strength of students was 60 and Diploma courses were offered in three branches of studies namely Electronics Engineering, Secretarial Practice, and Garment Technology.

The institute attained the status of a full-fledged polytechnic in the year 1988. Afterwards, institute has matured enormously and presently the strength of students has raised to 475 which also includes students of the degree course B.Voc in Fashion Design & Garment Technology. It would not be out of context to mention here that after evaluating the infrastructure and laboratory facilities at the institute it has been selected to run schemes like community development through polytechnics and degree courses like B.Voc in Fashion Design & Garment Technology. The institute is looking forward to accommodate some more degree courses to be assigned by community college or university.

Currently the institute is offering five Diploma courses and one advanced Diploma course under the aegis of five sections of studies as follows

1. Diploma in Electronics Engineering.

2. Diploma in Computer Engineering.

3. Diploma in Information Technology

4. Diploma in Costume Design & Garment Technology

5. Diploma in Secretarial Practice

6. Advanced Diploma in Interior Decoration

In line with the vision of the founder of the university, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the vision and Mission of the institute are as under:




To be one of the best women institutes for providing quality education and training with high values.




M1. To develop outstanding professionals well versed in the theory and practice of their discipline.


To provide state-of-the-art learner-oriented guidance and tools.
To collaborate with industries, other institutions and research 
To develop mechanisms for attracting best faculty and students.
To inculcate professional ethics, commitment and leadership qualities.
To encourage the habit of lifelong learning.