AMU ABK High School(Boys)

My Vision

Every few decades there occurs gradual social transformation. World view is in for change. Basic values, social and political structures, the arts and key institutions rearrange themselves. People born in one generation cannot even imagine the world in which their grandparents lived, and often in which their own parents lived. Transformation today, is faster and more sharp.

            We are today the first generation of global citizens. The choices we make will determine an overall mindset with which humanity will live for generations after. Therefore, what we do at this juncture is very significant.

            Recent developments in communication and information technology have helped visualize cost-effective approaches for providing education. It picks up only the relevant and discards what does not meet requirements of a fast changing world.

Our Schools, therefore need a paradigm shift in order to provide permanently diversified quality education. To meet the challenge of a new emerging world the effort put in has yet to show itself as complete.

            Thus, there is bound to be rapid change in the school curriculum and in its implementation, Educationists, today feel that learning to know, learning to do learning to live together and learning to be, are four pillars which should be the foundation for any educational process.

            My assertion is that the quality of school education offered by any nation is an indicator of the quality of life it envisages for its future citizens. Therefore, it is a positive creative challenge for me to establish a school as per international standards and to fulfill the visualized global requirements.

            I am proud to help initiate, together with  partnership of every component of the school  a learning process in class rooms so as to explore newer horizons within broader parameters and fuse innovative ideas with the learning needs of society. We need to bridge gaps between the achievements of a privileged minority of those who generally benefit from progress and that larger section of society that is most often left to suffer the draw backs of the very progress. I am sure, all the components of School community including authorities will strengthen me in my resolve to make my school (AMU ABK High School)   a world class institution.