AMU ABK High School(Boys)

School Uniform

It is mandatory for all students to wear the school uniform each day. Those who do not come in full uniform will not be allowed to attend the School.

Before coming to School, students must ensure that their nails are properly clipped and hair are cut or tied neatly.

Belts, ties and badges will be provided to the newly admitted students from the School at the time of admission. The charges for these items are included in the annual charges. If needed old students may purchase any of these items from School.

Uniform for I to X

Uniform for Boys

Saturday Uniform


Dark Green Trouser with yellow check shirt, Black Shoes, Black socks, Dark Green Tie. A Dark Green sweater with yellow lines on sleeves & neck or blazer is added in the winter.

White Trouser, white Canvas Shoes with white Socks. House wise colored T-Shirt designed as per displayed.