Centre of Advanced Research in Electrified Transportation


Completed Projects
1. IoT based Battery Thermal Management System.
   Internet of things (IoT) is termed as a self-organizing wireless linkage of devices aimed at the interconnection of everyday objects. Electric vehicles (EVs) as storage system have excellent electrical properties and flexibility but the possibility of damage to their batteries is there in case of overcharging or deep discharging to circumvent the possibility of damage, EVs' batteries need a precise state of charge estimation to increase their life span and to protect the equipment they power.
2. Human-to-Nanogrid System 
3. Vehicle-to-Home Backup Power System - A CARET Patented Product
     This invention relates to the methods and systems for the backup or standby power sources using electric vehicle to home (V2H) strategy operated through a control switch panel and vehicle-mounted inverter and battery bank for energy storage and/or renewable energy source for the sake of the reliability and availability of backup power for an essential residential load which is also economical and environmentally friendly 
4. Hind Solar Charging Station - A CARET Patented Product
5. 2-Wheeler Bharat Electric Vehicle Charging System - A CARET Patented Product
6Hindustan Fast Charging System - A CARET Patented Product
On-Going Projects
1. xEVs Design and Prototype Development
2. G2V and V2G Charging Schemes
3. Wireless xEV charging Station
4. xEVs Battery Swapping Station
5. Smart Home
6. Charging through Drive
7. xEVs Smart Charging Strategies
8. Microgrids and Smartgrids for xEV charging
9. High Voltage xEVs Energy Storage
10. Electrified Powertrain Components