Department of Chemistry

Notable Alumni

Dept. data last updated on :27/11/2021



1. Prof. A. R. Kidwai (Retired), Padma Vibhushna, Chairman UPSC, Member UPSC, Governors of Three State: Bihar,

West Bengal and Haryana.

2. (Late) Prof. W.U. Malik Vice Chancellor of three Universities (Kashmir University, Allahabad University and

Bundelkhand University)

Distinguished Alumni chemistry & ind. chemistry

1. Prof. G.A.S. Ansari, Chair, Department of Human Biological Chemistry & Geneties, School of Medicine, UTMB,

Gelveston, Texas, USA.

2. Prof. M.I. Khan, Dean and Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA

3. Dr. Saeed R. Khan, Senior Research Scientist, Adjunct Professor of Oncology, Johns Hopkins Medicine, US Food

& Pharmaceutical Science, Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research, Silver Spring MD 20993, USA

4. Prof. Ismail K., Dept. Of Chemistry NEHU, Shillong

5. Dr Ahmed Kamal, Scientist, Division of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad

6. Dr. Syed Masarrat Ali, Director, Drug Discovery Chemistry Ar Qule Inc. Greater Boston Area, USA

7. Dr. Nausha Asrar, Chief Scientist, Corrosion Research, Schulumberg, Houston, Texas, USA

8. Dr. Shaheer Khan, Senior Scientist, San Francisco, Northern California, USA

9. Dr. K.P. Singh, Deputy Director, Environmental Section, ITRC, Lucknow

10. Dr. S. Kalbe Raza, Scientist, DRDO, Gwalior

11. Dr. Anil Patri, Director, NCTR/ORA, Nano Core, Food & Drug Administration USA

12. Dr. Shams Qamar Usmani, Research Associate, London,

13. Dr. Yusuf Khan , Assistant Professor, King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

14. Dr. Mohammad Luqman, Assistant professor , King Fahad University(Dam man)

15. Dr. Arafat Anees, Post Doctoral Researcher Dalhousie University(Canada)

16. Dr. Pyush Kanti Mondal, Post Doctoral Researcher, IIB University Of Minho Braga (Portugal)

17. Dr. Mahboob Alam, Research Scientist, TEWA (R & D Center Noida)

18. Mr. Mohammad Ather Raza, Farabi Petrochemicals (Jubail)

19. Mr.Mirza Kaukab Ishtiaq, Metito Overseas Ltd.(Dubai)

20. Mr. Syed Kamran Nasir, Al-Jazeera Paint company(Saudi Arabia)

21. Mr. Mohammad Azeem Javed, Assistant Manager Production (API)Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd (Mysore)

22. Dr. Arshad Siddiqui, Ph.D., President & CEO, Paraza Pharma INC. Montrreal, QC, Canada