Department of Chemistry

Thrust Area

Dept. data last updated on :29/11/2021


I. Physical Chemistry: (i) Solid state chemistry (ii) Membranes (iii) Micellar catalysis (iv) Photoinduced electron transfer processes (v) Surfactants (vii) Reaction mechanism (viii) Electrochemistry (ix) Solid state ionics (x) Conducting polymers (xi) Charge transfer complexes (xii) Biophysical chemistry (xii) Thermodynamics (Xiii)Theoretical Chemistry (XiV) Light-emitting materials (Xv) Ionic Liquids.

II. Inorganic Chemistry : (i) Coordination chemistry (ii) Synthetic and structural inorganic chemistry (iii) Organometallic chemistry (iv) Chemistry of tin, germanium and silicon (v) Borate chemistry (vi) catalysis (vii) Pollution chemistry (viii) Bioinorganic chemistry (ix) Enzyme model (x) Macrocyclic chemistry (xi) Supramolecular chemistry (xii) Rare earth chemistry.

III. Analytical Chemistry: (i) Preconcentration (ii) Molecularly imprinting polymers (iii) Synthesis of ion exchange materials and applications in Ion-Exchange technology for environmental and pharmaceutical uses (iv) Ion selective membranes & electrodes (v) Pharmaceutical analysis, (vi) Adsorption, (vii) Supercritical Fluid Extraction

IV. Organic Chemistry: (i) Chemistry of heterocycles (ii) Synthesis of oleochemicals & fatty pesticides (iii) Synthesis & spectral studies of modified heterosteroids (iv) Organometallic chemistry (v) Phytomedicines: isolation & characterization of natural products from indigenous medicinal plants (vi) Photochemical transformations (vii) Inclusion compounds (vii) Photocatalysis (viii) Chemistry of natural products.

V. Industrial Chemistry: (i) Recovery of value added products from industrial waste (ii) Design and development of manufacturing process of industrial products