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Dept. data last updated on :24/09/2021


Awarded/Published Patents:

  1. -Patentee: Badev Setia, T. Gangadharaiah and Mohd. Muzzammmil, Topic: Method of Visualization of scour mechanism by mud flow., Date of garnt: 24th November, 2006., Patent No.: 199933
  2. -Indian Patent No:2771/DEL/2014,High Strength Cementitious Nano composite Compositions and the Methods, The Patent Office Journal 05/12/2014 (Filed and Published) : Prof. Mohammed Arif
  3. -Indian Patent No: 3663/DEL/2014,Technique for Protection of Ferrocement from Corrosion, The Patent Office Journal (Filed and Published) : Dr.SabihAkhtar and Prof. Mohammed Arif
  4. -Indian Patent No: 3664/DEL/2014, Transformation of flyash and electroplating waste sludge into sustainable construction material and the methods for making the same, The Patent Office Journal (Filed and Published): Dr. Malik Shoeb and Prof. S.S. Shah.
  5. -Indian Patent No: 1766/DEL/2013, Composition and production of Polymer Concrete Based on Specific PET to Glycol Ratio, The Patent Office Journal 02/08/2013 pp 19937(Filed and Published) : Dr. Fareed Mahdi
  6. Indian patent No: 3316/DEL/2012, Polymer Concrete based on resin Obtained from Recycled PET Bottles, The Patent Office Journal 18/01/2013 pp.1362 (Filed and Published) : Dr. Fareed Mahdi

Books Published:

  1. Four Books in the field of Engineering Geology/Construction Management/Computers & Programming. Seismic reliability analysis of cable stayed bridges against first passage failure in the international book on earthquake resistant structures-design, assessment and rehabilitation (ISBN 978-953-51-0123-9), Feb., 2012, INTech. Publisher, Croatia) by Dr. Rehan A Khan.
  2. Wind tunnel investigation of the pressure acting on sheet clad scaffolds by H. Irtaza, R.G. Beale, M.H.R. Godley published by oxford bookers university, oxford, U.K. ISBN 978-0-9556254-3-5.
  3. Fundamental of Engineering Geology and Geo-engineering, by M. Masroor Alam published by Axiom Books, India, ISBN 978-93-82355-15-1, Jan., 2013.
  4. A First Course in Computers and Programming by Sudhir Bansal published by Alisha Publications Pvt. Ltd., Aligarh ISBN 9788192716626.
  5. Leaflets for general public in the field of Disaster Management.