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Independence Day Celebration 2021



GATE in Economics 2021

Department of Economics is Congratulating Ms. Aysha Khan (Student of MA Economics-2020) for qualifying GATE in Economics 2021 and securing All India Rank of 336.


Republic Day Celebration 2021


National Voter's Day 2021

The teachers of the Department of Economics observed “National Voter's Day”  on 25th January 2021


Web Talk on Nobel Prize in Economics


Commemorating the 100 Majestic and Magnificent Years of Existence, Excellence and Enlightenment of Aligarh Muslim University, Department of Economics organised another captivating and enthralling Web Talk by a distinguished economist who is a scholar of international repute, Prof. Rakesh Raman from Department of Economics, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi.

The Web Talk commenced with the comprehensive and illuminating, ‘Introductory Remarks’, from the Chairman, Department of Economics, Prof. Md.Abdus Salam. Very heartily, Prof. Salam informed that the date 17th December 2020, also coincides with the establishment of Department of Economics which was one of the 15 Departments which were established simultaneously with the establishment of the Aligarh Muslim University. Prof. Salam further added that the Department of Economics is giving a humble tribute to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, founder of this university, in the form of this Web Talk Series, who provided the ground-breaking direction to the entire community of the country. Citing the contributions of Aligarh Muslim University in nation building, he said that the imprints of educational excellence of AMU are present on each and every corner of the world. Prof. Salam appreciated the role of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. Tariq Mansoor, in bringing Aligarh Muslim University among the league of top best universities in India which is noticeable from the results of various reputed national and international educational ranking agencies in the year 2020. He further said that the steps taken by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor reflects his commitment and determination which has helped in enriching the academic flair of the university manifolds and has made this Centenary Year more special for the entire AMU fraternity.

An excellent intellectual insight into the topic ‘Nobel Prize in Economics’ was given by the guest speaker Prof. Rakesh Raman. In an inspiring and educative talk, Prof. Raman brilliantly explained the various aspects of Nobel Prize given in the field of Economics. Associating Nobel Prize with providing laurel to the economists, he focused on the purpose of Nobel Prize and how awards motivate the recipients as well as fellow academicians to improve their performance. Considering awards as a testimonial to the academic excellence, Prof. Raman nicely elucidated the different types of awards which are given in the field of Economics internationally both by an individual nation as well as by the group of nations. He particularly focused on the ‘John Bates Clark Medal’ and informed that most of the recipients of ‘John Bates Clark Medal’ are also the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. He deeply and interestingly explained the origin of Nobel Prize which is associated with Alfred Nobel. Giving a detailed account of his multifaceted and inspiring personality, Prof. Raman cited Alfred Nobel’s huge wealth, 355 patents, invention of dynamite, ownership of 90 firms, etc as one of the most distinguishing features of his life which makes him one of the most legendry personalities of this century. In an intriguing analysis Prof. Raman, explained the different stages of inception of Nobel Prize beginning from the opposition from the family of the Alfred Nobel and the support of the Royal Swedish Academy and the Swedish Government in bringing it finally to the forum in 1968. He further provided description about

the journey of the changing names of this prize and how it finally got the name of Nobel Prize in Economics. Prof. Raman, in an interesting analysis clearly explained the difference between the ‘medal’ awarded in economics and the ‘medal’ awarded in other subjects. In his captivating Web Talk, Prof. Raman has also focussed on the Nobel Prize awarded in Economics from various dimension for example- age-wise, country-wise, university-wise description, etc. Further, in a very motivating and thought-provoking explanation, Prof. Raman has highlighted that most of the Nobel Laureates have produced students who were also Nobel Laureates. Citing various examples Prof. Raman had considered the role of university or institution as one of the important tools which helps in creating genius brains. An enlightening and edifying Presidential Address was delivered by Prof. Nisar Ahmad Khan, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences. Appreciating the talk delivered by the guest speaker Prof. Raman, Prof. Khan said that the origin of Nobel Prize is often credited to the unfamiliarity of students of economics about the Paul Milgrom’s auction theory. Prof. Khan provided an excellent and admirable insight into the works of Paul Milgrom and his teacher Robert B.Wilson on auction theory. He explained different types of auctions. In addition to this, Prof. Khan provided an exhaustive coverage about the ‘Incentive Auction’ which is the recent work of Paul Milgrom published in 2017.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Mohd. Tarique, Senior Professor, Department of Economics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. The Web Talk was anchored by Dr. Shirin Rais.

Web talk on Promoting Agricultural Trade from India: Trends, Methodological Issues and Covid -19 Impacts on 16-12-2020


To commemorate the Centenary Celebrations the department of Economics, AMU is organising WebTalk series. On 16th December the department organised a WebTalk by an internationally acclaimed scholar Dr Raka Saxena (Principal Scientist, ICAR - National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NIAP), New Delhi)  on the topic, “Promoting Agricultural Trade From India: Trends, Methodological Issues and COVID-19 Impacts”.

Dr Raka Saxena delivered informative WebTalk covering multiple aspects of agricultural trade in India. Dr Saxena who is currently working on Indian Prime Minister’s dream project of ‘Doubling of Farmers Income by 2022-23 in India’, focussed her talk on the trends, composition, direction, competitiveness, trade openness and the methodological issues involved in dealing with trade in agricultural products in India. She also revealed comparative advantage, trade openness and simulation. Dr Saxena explained the situations where partial and general equilibrium approaches can be used. She opined that for general equilibrium analysis more data is required. She further appreciated the Government of India’s Agri-Export Policy-2018 which will help in overcoming the issues faced by Indian agriculture. Dr Saxena in her WebTalk, laid stress on the importance of exports in raising farmer’s income thereby, helping in achieving the goal of ‘Doubling of Farmers Income by 2022-23 in the country”.

Vice Chancellor Prof Tariq Mansoor in his address said that there is a lot of scope of increasing exports of agricultural products from India to the West Asian Countries particularly to the Gulf Countries mainly due to geographical proximity with these economies. He viewed that the quality of the agricultural products plays an important role in determining the demand in the international market and emphasised on the need for the modernization of Indian Agriculture.

The Chairman, Department of Economics, Prof Md Abdus Salam, in his introductory remark acknowledged the efforts and vision of the founder Sir Syed Ahmad Khan towards the educational enlightenment of the entire community. Referring to the continuous improvement in the educational ranking of the AMU, Prof. Salam commended the valuable contributions of Vice Chancellor for his efforts in diligently leading AMU on the path of educational excellence, which is reflected in its ranking. He also informed that the objective of Department of Economics is not only to provide educational empowerment but to have a holistic development of the students towards human capital.

Prof Nisar Ahmad Khan, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, explained that the size of the country plays a significant role in the agricultural exports of countries and India need to focus on this aspect since many small countries are having much higher exports than India. Prof. Khan emphasised on the need for the diversification of the agricultural sector.

Prof Shahroz A Rizvi (Department of Economics) paid vote of thanks.

Constitution Day Celebration 2020


The teachers of the Department of Economics Celebrated “Constitution Day 2020” on 26th November, 2020. 

Vigilance Awareness Week 2020

The teachers of the Department of Economics observed “Vigilance Awareness Week” from 27th October, 2020 to 02th November, 2020. This program produced an enthusiastic involvement of all the events given as the part of the programme.


Jan Andolan Campaign on COVID-19

As a Covid awareness drive and to implement the “Jan Andolan Campaign on COVID-19”, Department of Economics , Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh organized the “Appropriate Behaviour Pledge”  and  emphasized “Unlock with Precautions” on 02.11.2020 at 10.30 a.m. Faculty members, office staff, & students have participated and took pledge enthusiastically.


Rashtriya Ekta Diwas- 2020

In order to observe the “Rashtriya Ekta Diwas”on the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel , Department of Economics , Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh organized the “Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Pledge” on 02.11.2020 at 10.45 a.m. Faculty members,office staff, & students have participated and took pledge enthusiastically.



Interview for the 03 Posts of Guest Teachers advertised vide no.01/2014 dated 29.05.2014 will be held on 20.08.2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the office of the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, A.M.U., Aligarh.