Department of Economics


Dept. data last updated on :20/10/2021

SOP of Computer Lab, Department of Economics

               The Department has an-conditioned computer lab for U.G. students, P.G. students, research scholars and faculty members. There are 30 computer systems available in computer lab. The computer lab is fully equipped with projector, printer, etc. In addition to this, computer lab has the facility of E-views software also.

1.   The computers available in the lab can be used only by bonafide students, research scholars and faculty members of the Department.

2.      The computer lab facility can be used by making an entry in log register before using the system.

3.   The internet facility can be used with the help of logging I.D. and Password provided by the computer centre.

4.      All types of eatables are strictly prohibited in the lab.

5.    The state of the computer set is checked before and after the use by the students, research scholars and faculty members and accordingly maintained. 

6.      Talking, shouting, listening music and use of mobile phones are not allowed in the lab.

7.      Strict instructions are given to the users for not deleting or copying any software/file. 

8.      No one is permitted to install or modify any software/program except the computer lab in-charge (a faculty member).

9.      Users are not allowed to create any folder/file on computers.

10.   It is not permissible for users to use any infected external device on lab computers.

11.  Any computer equipment or accessories cannot be relocated, modified, disassembled or removed without the permission of the lab in-charge.   

12.  The lab facility cannot be used for any disruptive or illegal purposes.

13.  Accessing, displaying and downloading offensive graphic images or videos are not permissible.

14. Users are also refrained from browsing, downloading and watching movies and videos. Online chatting and playing games are also not allowed.

15.  Every user has to be considerate to other users in the lab.

16.  Any problem-related to hardware or software of the computers in the lab is supposed to be reported to the computer lab in-charge immediately after realisation.

17.  Keeping the computer lab neat and clean is the responsibility of every user and it is expected that the users will clean up the area around the computer if required before leaving the lab.

18.  Before leaving the lab, users are supposed to logged off or shut down the computer.

19.  As per the provisions of AMU Acts and Statutes, disciplinary actions may be taken if anyone is found guilty of accessing objectionable websites or any online activity leading to wrong intentions. 

SOP of Seminar Library, Department of Economics

The Department of Economics maintains two Seminar Libraries; one for the P.G. Students and another for research scholars. The seminar library of the Department has a good stock of books which are around 14700. At a time, more than 100 students can sit in the P.G. seminar library and the seminar library for research scholars has a sitting capacity of more than 50 students. The books available in the seminar are of both types; textbooks as well as reference books. National and international repute journals are also available in the seminar to use both faculty members and students of the Department. The Department also has a good source of data and reports, including the RBI bulletin and Planning Commission documents and reports.

All books and journals are properly catalogued with accession numbers from Maulana Azad Library and seminar call numbers from the Department for each document/source of knowledge. The seminar functions with the help of one semi-professional assistant and two seminar secretaries from M.A. (Previous) and M.A. (Final) year students under the guidance of Seminar Library in-charge (a faculty member). Some referenced textbooks are given to each seminar secretary who can issue the books to needy students after receiving his/her student identity card. If any student requires a book that is not available with the seminar secretary but available in the seminar, it is issued by the semi-professional assistant.

The seminar secretary and semi-professional assistant on a register book maintain a proper record about the book's issue and submission. Every student is supposed to take clearance from the seminar for the final viva-voce examination. Similarly, every faculty member has to take clearance from the seminar at the time of their retirement, which makes the seminar's functioning very proper.