Department of Fine Arts

Eminent Speakers

Dept. data last updated on :26/05/2023


07.10.2019 - 

Prof Michael Benevenia, an artist of international acclaim and Adjunct Professor, Millersville University, USA delivered a lecture on the topic 'Wounds, ladders and Mizaj : Finding Inspiration for Sculpture in Unani Medicine followed by a Workshop.

In his lecture Prof. Mike expressed that he saw the metaphorical power of Civil War medicine within the current climate of national divisiveness and that he see issues fought over during the war as an unhealed and unresolved national wound in the American cultural body, and draws inspiration from Civil War medical images and artifacts as a source to create artwork about empathy. While researching the history of medicine and prosthetics as part of his larger interest in medicine, prof. Mike came upon the story of Vishpala leg in the Rig Veda. Following this he became interested in contemporary Indian medicine, specifically the Jaipur Foot, and also Unani medicine due to its focus on maintaining and restoring balance within the body.

He also expressed that his stay in the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, Maryland in 2015 impacted his sculptures. 

The lecture was followed by a workshop on "exquisite corpse drawing exercise", specially designed for the students of BFA and MFA of the Department of Fine Arts. The artist taught some new methods of art to the students which will enhance the creative skills of these students.


A Lecture by an Eminent Artist, Prof. Prabhakar M. Kolte (Retired Professor of Painting, J.J. School of Arts. Mumbai) was organized on 3-4 March in collaboration with National Lalit Kala Academi (Regional Centre, Lucknow).


 Prof. Jai Zharotia was invited as resource person in an 'Artist in Residency' programme organized in collaboration with National Lalit Kala Academy (Regional Centre, Lucknow.).


- Prof. Sanat Chaterjee, an Eminent Artist of India was invited as resource person in A Three Day National Workshop on Techniques of Painting at Department of Fine Art, AMU, Aligarh. 2008.


- A Lecture by Prof. Rajeev Lochan Director National Gallery of Modern Art organized under extension lecture, AMU Aligarh.