Department of History

Medals and Awards

Dept. data last updated on :07/06/2023
Prof. S. Chandnibi [Award for research book titled 'Devdasi in Inscriptions']

Prof. S. Chandnibi,  Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University has won award for her  research book titled 'Devdasi in Inscriptions'. This is awarded by  Chola Historical Research Sangam functioning from Thanjavur the old capital of the Chola Empire.  Her Book is chosen under the category, The best historical research book of the year 2020 for the award of Arunmoli Award, the original name of the great Emperor, Rajaraja-I.

Medals & Awards

Prof. Irfan Habib,

  1. Padm Bhushan 2005

  2. Yash Bharti, Government of Uttar Pradesh, 2016

Dr. Abdus Salam Jeelani,

  1. ‘Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman’ (President of India Award)