Department of Ilmul Amraz

About the Department

Dept. data last updated on :01/03/2023

The Department of Ilmul Amraz was officially established on 2nd December 2011. Prior to the separation of the Department, the teaching and training of Ilmul Amraz were carried out through the Department of Kulliyat. C.C.I.M. (Central Council of Indian Medicine) changed the name of the Department Mahiyatul Amraz in place of Ilmul Amraz in the Gazette Notification.

The Ministry of AYUSH has identified Ilmul Amraz/Mahiyatul Amraz as an area of Significance for the Advancement of Unani Medicine on Rational Scientific Grounds. The objectives to establish this Department in the Faculty of Unani Medicine are to facilitate better theoretical and practical skills of Unani Pathology and to fulfill the mandatory requirements of the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine. Unani System of Medicine has a unique holistic pathological basis of diseases, understanding of which is essential for correct diagnosis on classical Unani principles. The use of modern laboratory instruments is aimed to update the students regarding current pathological trends and to explore the validity and significance of Unani diagnostic methods making it Evidence-Based Medicine.

Ilmul Amraz Department deals with the following broad areas:

·         Ilmul Asbab (Etiology)

·         Ilmul Alamat (Symptomatology)

·         Umoomi wa Nizami Mahiyatul Amraz (General and Systemic Pathology)

·         Ilmul Jaraseem w Tufailiyat (Microbiology and Parasitology)

·         Itlaqi Mahiyatul Amraz (Applied Pathology)

·         Hematology, Clinical Biochemistry

·         Clinical Pathology, Histopathology

The Department has well-equipped UG and PG laboratories with Trinocular Projection Microscopes, 5 -parts automated Haematology Analyzer, Automated ELISA Reader and Washer, Biochemistry Analyzer, Coagulation Analyzer, Automated Urine Analyzer, Automated Weight and Height Machine, Smart Podium and LCD Projectors, etc. The establishment of the Department shall certainly provide a milestone to the Unani System of Medicine imparting quality education, training, and research in the discipline.

The faculty members of the Department are continuously engaged in academic activities and collaborative research works contributing to many National and International publications so far. The postgraduate course in Mahiyatul Amraz has been started with tremendous research work and employment potential. In the forthcoming future, the Department is planning to initiate many interdisciplinary projects for the up-gradation.


• To achieve a global reputation by producing highly skilled students and quality researchers in the field of Ilmul Amraz.


• To provide excellent quality Teaching, Training, and Research by disseminating the contemporary aspects of Pathology in the frame of Mahiyatul Amraz.

• To create an ambience in which innovative ideas flourish through effective curriculum and infrastructure.

• To study and diagnose the diseases from the perspective of Mahiyatul Amraz by the application of recent researches and modern techniques.

• To provide the best possible practical training in the laboratory.

• Scientific validation of Unani concepts of Pathology in an order to make it universally acceptable.

Future Plans

  • To develop diagnostic methods based on Unani Medicine for the diagnosis of diseases.

  • To standardize the classical Unani diagnostic tools.

  • To develop a facility of Microbiology laboratory.

  • To design research projects for enhancing the reputation of the Unani System of Medicine, nationally and internationally.

  •  To generate proper resource material for further researches.