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Career Counselling Help - Placement SOP

Industrial Chemistry -Training and Placement Program

Soft Skills:

  • Twice in a month.

  • Students of B.SC. Final Year, M.Sc. first year and M.Sc. Second year will wear formals on Wednesday and Saturday.

  • In class speak in English only.

  • Presentation mode.


  • Placement Brochure, student database and Profiles of students should be done by 30th August 2015

  • Calling and Mails from 1st September 2015

  • 20 companies should be approached in September

  • Calling should always be done by 2:30 PM

  • Five members in Placement Committee  by 10TH august 2015

  • Records should be maintained on  Excel sheet and Dairy

  • Mail id and password will be known to all team members

  • Report to TPO (Industrial Chemistry) thrice in a week and TPO(general) once in a week.

  • One student one company

  • Group Discussion (For M.Sc. final year twice in a week ,for M.Sc. first year and B.Sc. once in a week)

How to talk to the HR of a company for the first time?

-Good Morning Sir/madam, I am XYZ from Aligarh Muslim University and this call is regarding campus recruitment of M.Sc. industrial Chemistry students.

Can I have a minute of yours or are you free right now-

HR-No call me after 2 hr or tomorrow

Then just say ok sir thank you for your kind response…

If the HR says yes, proceed-

-Sir Aligarh Muslim University is a central University holding 3rd rank in country and rank 50th in BRICS Grouping .We are from Industrial Chemistry course and most of the students of Industrial chemistry have been absorbed in Quality control, Production and R &D sections of organizations like Asian Paints, Sun pharma, lupin pharma, jubilant life sciences, TATA chemicals ltd. ,Siegwerk India Pvt. Ltd and many more. We are keen to invite you for campus placement drive .Kindly provide your mail id for that we can send a formal invitation with details of M.Sc. industrial Chemistry.

if he asks about the Industrial Chemistry course-

Our course curriculum include some part of chemical technology, process engineering, instrumentation of new advance analytical techniques with brief knowledge of chemistry being used in various Industries. Our students  learns papers which give full information about industries like paint ,Pharmaceuticals, polymers & plastics, paper industry etc.

The students undergo for two month summer internship in big organizations to get the exposure and learn the professional culture. Sir we can say we are providing you a chemist cum chemical engineer…

Thank you sir and have a nice day...

à For follow ups mailing is most suitable and professional way. If the person is not responding after two to three mails then call him and say-

Sir with the reference of our previous conversation, we are looking for your kind response.

For mail follow ups-write à Dear Pankaj, hope you are doing well…

With the reference of previous mail sent to you on 12-05-15,we are still waiting for your kind response.

Looking forward to you..


Prof. …

Note: Aggressive follow ups will be needed at least two follow-up mails in a week.

Career Counseling Committee

  1. Dr. Mohammad Zain Khan (Assistant Professor)
  2. Dr. Wasi-ur-Rehman (Guest Faculty)