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Dept. data last updated on :26/05/2023

University Extension Lectures

The Department of Industrial Chemistry has organized a University Extension Lecture Series. The renowned scientist Datu Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd. Omar, retired Professor University Sains Malaysia and Director, PICORP delivered following two lectures on 21st and 23rd April:

1) Environmental effects of Mining Industry and its Mitigations

2) Designs of groundwater treatment for drinking in remote areas

The program was held in the Conference Hall, Department of Physics, AMU. In his first lecture, Prof. Omar highlighted the effects of the Mining Industry on the environment and it's mitigation. He emphasized the careful mining of natural resources involving all stake holders with proper care so as to prevent pollution of soil, ground water, flora fauna and other habitat to maintain sustainability and diversity including the social fabric of the region. He also presented the case study of some Manganese mining sites in Malaysia.

In his second lecture, Prof. Omar discussed the drinking water treatment system in remote locations wherein he presented the design of few large treatment plants for the local population in hilly areas of Malaysia. The process initiated with the sampling of drinking water and studying physicochemical parameters to identify the common pollutants in order to devise a strategy for treatment.

In both the lectures he presented the models of good economic returns from projects of public welfare. He also emphasized that the University Intellectuals especially faculty members of Science and Engineering disciplines could join hands and extend their scientific skills for community services to solve National Problems so that all stake holders may be benefited.

The program was attended by faculty members from Departments of Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Engg, Civil Engg, Remote Sensing and Geology along with research scholars and post graduate students.

Prof. Anees Ahmad Chairperson, Department of Industrial Chemistry welcomed the speaker while Dr. Shahab AA Nami proposed the vote of thanks. Dr. Mohammad Zain Khan, conducted the two days program.





Orientation program for Freshers of Department of Industrial Chemistry

An orientation program was organized for Freshers of Department of Industrial Chemistry

An orientation program has been organized in the Department of Industrial Chemistry for newly admitted B.Sc. and M.Sc. students on 25th Feb 2023 at 11:30 am. Prof. Anees Ahmad, Chairman D/o Industrial Chemistry welcomed the Guest and delineated the journey of industrial Chemistry. Prof. Firoz Ahmed (Retd.) Department of Chemistry, in his presidential remarks, highlighted the importance of industrial Chemistry and stressed upon the need to foster industrial linkage and to pursue research on industry based projects.


The program was also attended by Dr Amit K. Tiwari, Director ASAP ChemTime, New Delhi and former Scientist DRDO, who deliberated with the students to clear their doubts about scientific positions in DRDO, BARC, ONGC etc. He also encouraged the students for preparing for IIT- JAM, GATE and NET exams.


Dr. Mohammad Zain Khan, Assistant Professor, Industrial Chemistry and Faculty Advisor ACS International chapter apprised the students about the four year undergraduate program (FYUP) under the NEP-2020 and how it differs from previous three year undergraduate program. He also highlighted the recent achievements of industrial Chemistry students. Dr. Shahab A.A. Nami, Associate Professor, Industrial Chemistry has talked about the Aligarh movement and Legacy of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Er. Abu Mustafa briefed the participants about the rich traditions of Aligarh Muslim University while Dr. Wasi ur Rehman proposed the vote of thanks. Mr. Abu Bakar Khan, Secretary ACS ISC informed the participants about the benefits of joining the ACS International chapter and how the chapter is helping students in shaping their career.


The program was conducted by Ms. Talea Khan and Ms. Ayesha Fatima. Mr. Zayeem Sherwani, Mr. Mujatab and Mr. Muqtadir coordinated the program.



Workshop on Chemometric

Department of Applied Physics & Industrial Chemistry in collaboration with Global Innovation Network GIN) Siegwerk India Pvt. Ltd. organized a workshop on "Chemometrics: Applications in Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Industry" on 9-11 December 2016.

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity to learn various software for handling and processing of data and presenting results. Resource persons were professional trainer who guided the participants on latest trends in Chemometrics.