Department of Jarahat

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Dept. data last updated on :28/11/2021


Ilmul Jarahat (Surgery) has been the integral and important part of Unani Medicine. Ilmul Jarahat is the essential part of teaching and training at U.G & P.G level in Unani Medical Colleges in India. There are many diseases of surgical importance in which either specific conservative/medical management or later or sooner surgical intervention is required. Starting from Abul Qasim Zohravi (the Father of Surgery) and Sushruta to the modern day surgery many advancements, sophistications and achievements have been made in this field and this is the never ending process. The department has teaching and clinical faculties both from Unani & Allopathic Medicine. Apart from performing Endoscopy, Cystoscopy, Colonoscopy, Open & Minimal Access Surgery and Uroflometry, the Department has also been conducting clinical trials on various Unani Medicines as a part of validation and application in contemporary era. We are actively engaged in exploring the Surgical & Medicinal treatise in Unani Medicine for research and development in this field. Our aim is to refresh the theoretical and practical knowledge of Ilmul Jarahat and update our teachers and students with the latest advancements of the subject along with the traditional part of the subject which is valuable in todayâ??s scenario through teaching, learning, research & development.