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General Dentistry (Oral Surgery)




Refer to Admission Guide


Refer to Admission Guide


After completion BDS  students are eligible to sit in various competitive exams (NEET,UPSC,UPPSC etc.) . They are allowed to practice in both private n public sectors .


The  Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) are dealt under three headings (a) Knowledge and understanding (b) skills and (c) Attitudes.


The graduate should acquire the following during the period of training.

1. Adequate knowledge of the scientific foundations on which dentistry is based and good understanding of various relevant scientific methods, principles of biological functions and be able to evaluate and analyse scientifically various established facts and data.

2. Adequate knowledge of the development, structure and function of the teeth, mouth and jaws and associated tissues both in health and disease and their relationship and effect on general state of health and also bearing on physical and social well being of the patient.

3. Adequate knowledge of clinical disciplines and methods which provide a coherent picture of anomalies, lesions and diseases of the teeth, mouth and jaws and preventive diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of dentistry.

4. Adequate clinical experience required for general dental practice.

5. Adequate knowledge of the constitution, biological function and behaviour of persons in health and sickness as well as the influence of the natural and social environment on the state of health in so far as it affect dentistry.


1.      The dental graduates during training shall acquire adequate knowledge, necessary skills and reasonable attitudes which are required for carrying out all activities appropriate to general dental practice involving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies and diseases of the teeth, mouth, jaws and associated tissues.

2.      The graduate also should understand the concept of community oral health education and be able to participate in the rural health care delivery programmes existing in the country.