Dr. Sajjad Abdur Rahman



    Associate Professor


    Management of Maxillofacial Trauma and Orthognathic Surgery


    H. No. 51, Rainbow Roofs, Phase II, Behind FM Tower, Anooshaher Road, Aligarh 202122.





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Dr Sajjad Abdur Rahman did his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Z A Dental College of Aligarh Muslim University. He did his Master in Dental Surgery from Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Government Dental College, Calicut, Kerala in the year 2009. Both of these institutions are well established and very reputed training centre for higher education in dentistry. He is in teaching profession since 2009, during which he has worked in various capacities like senior resident, senior lecturer and assistant professor. He is very enthusiastic about teaching and training undergraduate students and residents. He is very efficient in performing various oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures with special interest in orthognathic surgeries and maxillofacial trauma. He has more than 6 publications to his credit in reputed journals.He is very regular in attending various conferences and workshops of his speciality and has presented more than 7 papers in national conferences. He always motivates his students to be compassionate, perseverant, gentle and polite to patients without getting personally involved.
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