Department of Physical Education


Dept. data last updated on :24/01/2023

Office of Department of Physical Education

Official Working Hours 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

7:45 A.M followed by the opening of office, laboratories and chambers of the staff etc.

Before closing the department all the electrical switches and water taps will be checked by the person designated by the Chairman of the Department.

Cleaning & Dusting of the department will be done on daily basis by the Unskilled Staff.

All the staff members will sign in the attendance register and “on leave” is written if anyone is on leave.

Concerned staff should update the Notice board regularly.

Concerned staff must update the Departmental web page regularly.

Receive & Dispatch:

All the papers are received in the office of the Department and the details of the paper are entered in the receipt register.

Office Clerk will put up the Papers before the chairman for necessary comments and the papers will be returned to the Office for the record or necessary action as marked by the Chairman.

After the action is taken the papers/replies will be placed in the respective file folders.

The details of all the papers which are to be dispatched from the office will be entered in the Dispatch Register.

Dispatched letters will be sent to the respective offices.

Seminar Library

SOP for Books:

The Seminar shall remain open in all the working days from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Except Fridays).

On Fridays Opening timing of the Seminar Library is from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Seating capacity of the seminar library is 30.

The Seminar Library books are kept in glass almirah with accession numbers which are provided by Maulana Azad Library.

The services of Departmental Seminar will be provided to the Teaching Staff, Under Graduate and Post Graduate Students of the Department.

In special circumstances the services of the seminar library may be extended to the other students of the AMU with the permission of the Chairman.

The Department maintains an Accession Register and also a Record of Issuing the Books as per norms/ rules of the Seminar Library.

In case of book loss, the member is required to submit same or latest edition of the same title and author, or In case book cannot be replaced, the cost of a book will be paid by member.

Seminar- in- Charge will also maintain the separate register for Departmental Seminar and Journal.

Return Policy of Library Books:

Teaching Staff           :  4 books issued for Two weeks

Non-Teaching Staff  :  2 books issued for 5 days

Research Scholars    :  2 books issued for one week


Lab Procedures and Guidelines

The purpose of these procedures is to ensure the privacy and safety of students of the department and to provide a computing environment that supports student academic endeavours.

 Computer Lab systems and networks will be operated by enrolled students only. This structure exists to better serve the unique academic needs of the students within the department.

Admission into Computer Lab:

• The Student Computer Lab is available for use by currently enrolled students in support of their academic programs.

• Students will be provided access to the Computer Lab on a space-available basis.

• Students will be allowed during the presence of the lab supervisor.

• Students require a valid ID and Password for internet use.

Operating Hours & Reservations:

• Students Computer Labs will be open on days that department classes are in session.

• Lab opening time for the summer and winter will be posted in advance.

• Early closings and holiday hours will be posted in advance, whenever possible.

• Lab will be reserved for only research scholars in the afternoon session.

• Reservation requests by persons outside the department will be considered if the chairperson permits.

Human Performance Lab

Management of access, operation, and service practices related to human Performance Lab (HPL).


To provide guidelines and instruction to teachers, students, and other department employees for the use of HPL.


• This protocol is applicable to the whole of HPL.

• This protocol remains in effect until revised or rescinded.

• This protocol will be reviewed yearly and as applicable.

The promulgating authority for this protocol is the chairperson of the physical education department, A.M.U. Aligarh.

Hours of Operation:

Hours of Operation for Students, Teachers, and Department Staff-

• The facility will be available during the department working hours and in the presence of the lab in charge (If the lab in-charge is on leave, in the presence of the officially deputed staff).

• Official staff must present all the times or the HPL room is locked

• Current University ID will be required to access the facility


The HPL weight room and fitness area has a high degree of vulnerability and will have supervision at all times.

• CCTV cameras are deployed to monitor the area.

• HPL employs a lab supervisor/manager/in-charge to supervise. If there is no one available the doors to the rooms will be locked.

Scans the Room:

• Continually scan all rooms while members are in the rooms

• Scan for potential problems, inappropriate use of equipment

• Report any equipment issues on the Log Sheet.

• Maintain locked doors for both the weight room and other areas when unattended.

• Arranges the weights, machines, and equipment in the morning and reminds users to put

equipment at the designated places.

• Works closely with Coaches, Department, and other teachers who are operating classes or training in the space.

HPL Rules:

1) No Food or Eating

2) No Open Cups - All Containers Must Have a Cap / Lid

3) No Bags - All Bags Left Outside

4) No Spikes or Cleats - Plastic Included

5) Return All Weights to Designated Areas

6) Do Not Leave Weights on Bars or the Floor

7) If you Move it put it back

8) Wipe-Off Equipment with Spray after Use

9) Athletic Clothing and Shoes must be Worn at All Times - No other casual uniforms are allowed

10) Play Appropriate Music - No Elicit Lyrics

11) If Rules are not followed, appropriate action will be administered by the competent authorities.

12) The use of the facility in any form and purpose is only permissible with the prior written permission of the chairperson and after the office received a copy of the permission to the lab in charge.

Steam/Sauna/Jacuzzi/Chilled Shower/Weight Training Rules:

The access to the above-mentioned facilities is subjected to the adherence to the following conditions and rules-

1) Acceptable body temperature and optimal health condition.

2) The decision on the status of the health will remain with the official of HPL.

3) The services of steam and sauna will be provided for max 30 min in one go to advance users and 10-15 min at max for the beginners.

4) The HPL official should ask for the conditions like hypertension, post-surgery, skin problems, pregnancy, cardiac issues etc. before allowing anyone to use the facility.

Sports Biomechanics Lab

The Standard Operating Procedure of the Sports Biomechanics Lab developed under UGC’s SAP (DRS-I) programme to conduct researches and teaching.


1) The main objective of the Lab established for research and teaching as per the UGC regulation.

2) Promote research in Biomechanics and performance in sports.

Status: Camera’s, software (motion analysis), and Biofeedback equipment

Laboratory Manual:

The Laboratory manual includes working procedures that should be carried out in the laboratory.

The contents in the manual should include:

1) Standard Operating Procedures for the experiments related to sports Biomechanics to be carried out as per standard procedure and rules of the department and university.

2) Standard risk assessments should be done before the experiment.

3) As per the requirement of the students/researcher, he/she should apply for issuing the required equipment for his/her research work.

4) Do & don’t rules that are appropriate to the particular laboratory should be written and displayed in the labs.

5) Before the commencement of work, each student should sign the entry muster and that they have understood the rules and regulations.

Anatomical and Exercise Physiology Lab

Exercise Physiology is a science dealing with the effects of exercise on structural and functional aspects of human physiology both at cellular as well as systemic levels. The instruments in the lab measure the effects of the exercise of various physiological phenomenons.


1) To orient the students of a Masters's degree in assessing structural and functional aspects of human physiology at rest through various scientific equipment.

2) To orient the students of a Masters's degree in assessing structural and functional aspects of human physiology during exercise through various scientific equipment.

3) To orient the students of a Masters's degree in assessing the structural and functional changes in human physiology after a short term as well as long term exercise.

4) The lab facilities are further used for research in exercise physiology for M.P.Ed. Dissertation and Ph.D. students.

Laboratory Manual:

1) All laboratory equipment is registered in the stock register of the department.

2) Students' health status is given a check prior to their participation in the experiment.

3) All students are required to note down their entry with a signature prior to the commencement of the work with the undertaking that they will follow the rules and regulations of the lab.

4) Do and don’t are displayed in the lab.

Sports Psychology Lab

The Department of Physical Education has a lab of sports psychology which was established with the aim for research and teaching.

1) All students of the department have access to instruments for conducting experiments.

2) Research scholars, postgraduate students, and undergraduate students have access to all psychological tests available in the lab

3) Everyone can use/ get issued instruments/psychological tests as per the rule.