Department of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology

Post Graduate

Dept. data last updated on :12/01/2024


M. Tech.


Agricultural Process and Food Engineering/Processing and Food Engineering (New Nomenclature)


10+2 (ICAR Quota)


Refer Guide to Admission


Refer Guide to Admission


Research, Teaching and Industry


PEO 1: To enable the development of requisite skills and competence in the students to identify, analyse, comprehend and solve problems, including those of research and academics, in the areas of Processing and Food Engineering and related disciplines.

PEO 2: To prepare the students to successfully pursue advanced studies and research in top institutes across the world and work in various national and international organizations with adaptability, professional competence and administrative acumen.

PEO 3: To acquaint and equip the students with effective communication and decision-making skills, professional and intellectual integrity, ethics of research and scholarship, to contribute positively in the sustainable development of society.

PEO 4: To enable the students to get engaged in lifelong learning independently, with sincerity and commitment, to face the challenges of rapidly evolving technology.


Graduates will be able to

PO1: Apply principles from general Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering and Statistics to solve Food Processing and Engineering problems.       

PO2: Understand the Physical, Chemical, Biological, and Engineering factors of Foods and their interaction during processing from farm to consumer.

PO3: Analyze food contamination by microbiological and chemical methods of testing to meet quality standards and food safety regulations.

PO4: Management of Industrial food waste by adapting technology to reduce environmental pollution and hazards to humans.

PO5:  Identification of adulterants, trace elements, preservatives, organic and inorganic compounds in processed food and food substance-using instrumentation techniques.

PO6: Can adopt Thermal and Non Thermal processing methods to preserve and store perishable foods to minimize wastage of resources generated.

PO7:  Can communicate and demonstrate to farmers, illiterates, and unemployed youth to adapt technology and get profit.

PO8: Can be a supportive team player with market research on recent trends and statistical analysis of food processing and value addition to food.

PO9:  Can design and develop simulation model with mathematical interpretation and cut cost.

PO10: Technical knowledge about processing, Quality, and product development in the food industry gives the advantage to manage various projects as individual.

PO11:  Can adapt new technology and design machines with high efficiency and productivity with minimum wastage.

PO12: Play a role of responsible Food Technologist, assure food safety, quality management of system within the organization in processing by overcoming barriers from Transportation, Raw materials receiving processing line, quality control, packaging and storage, and documentation.