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Dept. data last updated on :29/04/2023

Students of the Department of Social Work, AMU win Video Competition for COVID-19 Awareness in various Regional Languages/Dialects under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan organised by IIT-Delhi


Students qualifying NET/JRF & IELTS

Noman Shamsi 2021 UP04006434 NET
Wasif Hussain 2021 UP02005260 NET
Amir Riyaz 2021 DL01622036 NET
Noor Jahan 2021 DL01622178 JRF
Danish Zia 2022 UP02005183 JRF
Faizan Qureshi 2022 UP08620800 JRF
Arham Hasan Rizvi 2022 UP02005251 JRF
Md Ibrahim Quadri 2022 UP02005254 JRF
Aiman Shamim 2021 21IA029068SHAA009A IELTS