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Social Work


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PhD in Social work is unique in its scope. There are myriad opportunities in education, research activities, policy practice and programme implementation. PhD scholars seek to pursue careers in higher education institutions and research-oriented organizations. They also work in various Government & Non-Government organizations for the formulation and implementation of welfare and development programmes and schemes. PhD in Social Work helps them to be training experts and professionals with Social Work skills and competence. After obtaining the PhD, they are appointed as faculty in colleges & universities, and work as Social & Community Service Manager, School & Career Counsellor, Social & Human Service Assistant, Health Educator, Community Health Worker and Human Services Worker.


  1. Produce professionals & experts with exemplary research and analytical skills in Social Work Profession.
  2. Inculcate critical thinking to conduct research for better understanding of social problems.
  3. Develop professionals to address policy implementation gap in development sector.
  4. Train social work researchers with transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge to contribute to the field of social work pedagogy.
  5. Develop skills and techniques corresponding to the emerging issues of social work practice.


The learner shall be able to:
    1. Develop comprehensive understanding in the field of Social Work Research.

    2. Achieve the insights of Qualitative and Quantitative methods of research.

    3. Ensure synergy between policy formulation and effective policy implementation.

    4. Develop the state-of-the-art theory building.

    5. Cultivate and develop innovative skills & techniques in the field of social work practice.