Department of Social Work

Under Graduate

Dept. data last updated on :23/10/2021


B.A. (Hons.) Social Work


Social Work


30 + 20 (Female) = 50




Students come to the Department of Social Work for various reasons because they are interested in professional social work, because the course offers myriad job opportunities or because they wish to contribute to community life. Most importantly, however, they come because they know that they are getting the education of a lifetime. The students are encouraged to analyse services in the rural and urban areas to inculcate organizational and leadership skills, generate sensitivity towards rural-urban community and provide an experience in group living.


1. Develop learner's professional social work values and ethics. 2. Apply social work knowledge and skills for working with diverse populations 3. Use effective communication skills to work with clients of various psycho-social needs 4. Infuse interdisciplinary knowledge into social work practice


1. Inculcate knowledge, skills, values, and ethics of social work profession 2. Practice social work profession among diverse communities and settings 3. Integrate knowledge from various disciplines into social work practice 4. Work in various areas of social work practice such as rural and urban communities, Corporate Social Responsibility and management of NGOs 5. Apply strategies to resolve various social problems 6. Formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate development projects