Department of Statistics and Operations Research


Dept. data last updated on :31/01/2023

Special Operating Procedures (SOP)




The Department has three Computer Laboratories which are used to enhance the computing skills of the students of the Department. These labs are open during working hours of the Department. Research scholars, Postgraduate and Undergraduate students are entitled to use the computers lab. The following procedure is to be followed.

Ø     A student can visit the laboratory in working hours of the Department.

Ø     A register is maintained in the Lab to record the entry and the exit of the students using the service. A student needs to enter his/her details in the computer lab register at the time of entry and leaving time before leaving the Lab.

Ø    The Lab computers can be accessed through the unique login ID provided to all students of the Department.

Ø    Only the licensed software packages are installed in the computers, wherever needed, and a standard procedure of procurement is being followed by the Department and usage in line with the Central purchase policy of the University.


Ø  Approval for book Purchase

·         Faculty members and students can submit the book recommendations to the seminar library.

·         Submitted recommendations are checked by Seminar attendant for the availability of the book.

·         Approval is taken for the recommended books by Departmental Purchase Committee.

Ø  Order Placement and Bill Processing

·         For placing the order of the recommended books, a list is being sent to the Maulana Azad library, A.M.U.

·         Newly purchased books are entered in the accession register of the Seminar Library.

·         Finally, the bill is processed and submitted to accounts section.

Ø  Filling of Book Shelves and Catalogue Processing

·      First, the classification, cataloguing and indexing of the books is done then pasting of authority slips, placing the  tags and stamping is carried out. Then the books are placed in shelves according to their call number by the library staff.

Ø  Stock and Physical Verification of Library Books

·   The physical verification of the books is carried out at Departmental as well as at the university level. Annual physical verification is carried out by the internal staff of the Department. Whereas, a thorough verification of the books is done by a committee of the central library in every 3 years.

·       Staff notes down the accession numbers of books on the library shelves.

·      Separate sheets of paper are prepared for each library shelf. Each member of the physical verification committee are given one set of sheets and is asked to note down the accession numbers of books in the library shelves that is specifically assigned to him.

·     While noting the accession numbers, book is physically checked and is taken out of shelf, to see if the book is damaged/beyond repair.

·        While carrying out the stock verification, books found missing are listed and re-verified.

·        The final list of missing books is reported to the Chairperson for necessary action.

Ø  Issue and Return policy of Book

                The issue and return policy of books for students is different from that of the staff/faculty.


·         Only 1 book at a time can be issued to the student of UG or PG and has to return on the next day.

·         Maximum of 6 books can be issued to a Ph.D. student and the maximum duration he/she can keep a book is    2 months.

·           However, for reading the book in the reading room there is no limit on the number of books to be issued.

·          If the student failed to return the book on time, he is entitled to pay the overdue amount set by the Maulana      Azad Library.


Ø    Maximum of 12 books can be issued to a faculty member (Regular/Adhoc) and the maximum duration he/she can keep a book is 4 months.

 In case of loss/damage, the concerned (Student/Staff) has to bear the cost of the book or has to submit the latest edition of the book.


Ø  Journal Subscription: The University has a central subscription system taken care of by the Maulana Azad Library. The list of subscribed journal keeps changing from time to time due to fund constraint. The list of Journals that has been subscribed as per the need of the Department of Statistics and Operations can be found here.


Ø  Receive:

Details related to Letters/Consignments received from various sources are entered in the received register and are placed in front of the Chairperson for marking the necessary action to be taken.

Ø  Dispatch:

Letters/Consignments checked, verified and signed by the chairperson are assigned a dispatch number and are then sent to concerned addressee via dak or speed post depending upon whether the addressee is within the university or outside the university.

 Ø  Notifications:

Notices related to various academic activities, important deadlines, schemes, extra-curricular activities, job notifications, UGC updated guidelines; seminar brochures, conferences etc. are put up on the Department notice boards/website in order to inform the students.

            Ø  Registration:

Registration to various programs, workshops, conferences, quiz competitions, essay writings etc. are taken care of by the office of Department. Interested candidates can register themselves in office.  After the registration is done an acknowledgement slip is handed over the registered candidate.

Ø  SOP’s for Leave Application:

The applications for leave are processed / governed as per the leave rules approved by the executive council of the university.

            Ø  Building Maintenance:

Maintenance requirements are sent to the Building Department of the University by the Department for necessary action to be taken.

Ø  Procurement of Goods/Items/Equipment:

For procurement, General Financial Rule book is followed.