Prof. Badrul Hasan Khan





    Renewable energy, power electronics


    Deptt of Electrical Engg, AMU Aligarh




    Time Table

Dr. B. H. Khan, received B. Sc. Engg. degree from AMU Aligarh (1976)(1st rank), M.E. from IISc Bangalore (1978) and Ph. D. from IIT Kanpur (1989). Since 1978 he is on the faculty of Electrical Engineering Department, AMU Aligrarh, where he is currently working as professor. Dr. Khan is recipient of Gold Medal of AMU in 1976, Railway Board's First Prize of 1986-87 and President of India Medal of IE ( India), 2002. He also qualified IES 1978 and was placed as Asstt. Director / Asstt. Engineer in CEA but did not join. He has published over 48 research papers in international / national journals and conferences and authored a book "Renewable Energy resources", 3 Ed., McGraw Hill Education 2016. He is senior member of IEEE (USA), life fellow of IE (India), life member of 'Indian Society for Technical Education' and life member of 'System Society of India'. He has worked on several sponsored research projects. His current areas of interest include Non-conventional and Renewable Energy Sources, Power Electronics and Microprocessor Applications.
  1. Publication

    Book: "Non conventional Energy Resources", McGraw Hill Education, 3nd Ed

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