Prof. Gulfishan Khan

    M. A. M. Phil., Aligah Muslim University (Aligarh), D. Phil (Oxford)




    Indo-Persian Cultural History


    B-30, Silver Oak Avenue, Street-4, Greater Azad Encleve, Doharra Maafi, Aligarh





Dr. Gulfishan Khan is Professor of History at the Aligarh Muslim University, India.  Presently, she is Chairperson of the Department of History and Coordinator of the Centre of Advanced Study and Musa Dakri University Museum.  Her book Indian Muslim Perceptions of the West during the Eighteenth Century, Oxford University Press, Karachi, 1998, originally a doctoral thesis of the University of Oxford, is well-received. Besides, she has published research papers concerning various aspects of the eighteenth century Indian intellectual history. She has also written on the facets of the historic Aligarh Movement. She has contributed biographical entries to the international standard reference works which include the prestigious Encyclopaedia of Islam THREE, and Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History, both published from E. J. Brill: Leiden/Boston.  

She has been a Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford on the invitation of Richard Ovenden, the Bodley’s Librarian, where she conducted researches in the Bodleian Library’s Special Collections. 

Since 2009 she is studying the textual expressions of the imperial visual and material culture during the seventeenth century and its intersection with the Islamic mystical ideas and religious environment of the era.   

She teaches two papers on the Classical Islam to the undergraduate students and two papers to the postgraduate students: History of Mughal Empire and Evolution of Medieval Architecture. 

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