Dr. Md Asadullah

    M.D.S (Oral Medicine & Radiology)


    Assistant Professor


    Imageology of Head & Neck,






 To contribute the best of my efforts for the growth of the Institute and accomplish the goals and objectives of the same.

  1. Publication



    1. .Published a book  on Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology entitled “ Imageology  of Head & Neck’’  as a sole author by Universal Book House  bearing ISBN No 978-93-84434-11-3.
    2. . Compiled a Manual Oral Pathology  for Undergraduate students  with Dr.Kauser J. Khwaja.




    1. Asdullah et al ‘’ Pattern and Prevalence of Tobacco use and Associated Oral Mucosal Lesions: A Hospital based cross Sectional Study at a Tertiary Care Hospital (Aligarh) in North India’’Journal of Public Health and preventive measures, 2018Volume 1(1): 1-3.


    1. Asdullah et al.‘’Morphological Variations of Lingula & Prevalence of Accessory Mandibular Foramina in Mandibles –A Study’’ National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery / Volume 9 / Issue 2 / July-December 2018.

           2. Asdullah M et al: ‘’Prevalence  of different palatal rogue patterns in a sample Lucknow population’’               Journal of Indian Academy  of Oral Medicine & Radiology/Oct-Dec 2014/Vol 26/Issue 4.

          3 Asdullah et al;’’Prevalence& different shapes of Haller’s Cells on panoramic radiograph- A                           Study’’Europian  journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical research 2017,4(2).XXX-XXX.(SJIF-3.628)

          3. ‘Sturge Weber syndrome –A case report’University Journal of Dental Science 2015;I(2):1-2.

          4. ‘Odontogenic  Myxoma of  oral cavity-A case report,THE CUSP(2015)Vol .12.No.2.

          5. ‘Irritation fibroma of buccal mucosa –A case report’Guident -Jan2015,50-51
          6. ‘Fibrosarcoma of the mandible –A case report’ University journal of dental science 2015I(2):74-76.

          7.‘Mucocele of lower lip –A case report’ Guident April 2015/46-48.

          8. ‘Ectrodactyly Ectodermal dysplastic clefting(Eec) syndrome-a case report; THE CUSP (2014).

         9. ‘Pyogenic granuloma” A case report’Guident,June 2015/48-49.

         10. ‘Mucormycosis of the palate-a case report’THE  CUSP (2014)Vol.11 (1).41-43.

         11.‘Surgical management of periapical lesion with dens in dente’Internationational Journal Of clinical                    Pediatritic dentistry-Vol 2/issue12009/39-41.

          12. ‘Chemoprevention  of Oral Cancer(Abstract)’Journal of oral biology & craniofacial research (2014).49-                45.

          13. ‘Herpes Zoster -a case report and review’University J Dent Scie 2016; No. 2, Vol. 1

          14.Role of CBCT in TMJ imaging- A review ‘Guident Dec 2016/64-65.

    Under publication-

    1. . Ossifying Fibroma of Maxilla - A rare case report


      Papers read at Conferences


    1. Chemoprevention of Oral Cancer-A review at International Oral Precancer and Cancer Congress 2014,Lucknow.

    2. Role of Chemoprevention  in Premalignent& Malignant lesions (Poster) at International Oral Precancer and Cancer Congress 2014,Lucknow.

    3. Ossifying Fibroma of Maxilla - A rare case report  at UP AOMI held at A.M.U Aligarh 2016.

    4. Palatal Rugae pattern –A Clinical Study  at XXXV National Conference of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology 2014.

    5. Rehabilation of  Maxillofacial Defect-A team approach at 16th  Conference of Association of plastic Surgeons of India  held at J.N.M.C ,A.M.U Aligarh 2008.

    6. Maxillofacial Injuries in Children-A demographic analysis, management & outcome at 28th UP state Dental Conference held at A.M.U Aligarh 2003.

    7. Oral Manifestation of lupus Erythematous at PG Convention 2013.

    8. PET-CT (Poster) at 11thNational Triple O Symposium 2013.

    Workshop attained

     On Trigeminal Neuralgia  at J.N.M.C  27th March 2010.

    Post and Core –New Dimensions at A.M.U 2003

    Attained several CME, CDE& Extension Lectures 

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Intra Oral radiology
Extra Oral Radiology