Dr. Saif Khan

    PhD (Periodontology), MDS (Periodontology), BDS


    Assistant Professor


    Periodontal Medicine, Periodontal Regeneration and Dental Implantology, Oral Mucosal disorders, Oral Precancerous lesions and Oral wound healing, Genotoxic and Cytotoxicity of Chlorhexidine, Drug Discovery, Clinical Trials and Collaborative Research


    C-4, Rifa Palace, Medical Road, Aligarh





    Teaching Schedule Dr SAIF KHAN

Dr Saif Khan is working as Assistant Professor since 2008. He is actively involved in teaching of undergraduate and Postgraduate (MDS) students and also patient care. His area of interest include Periodontal medicine, Influence of systemic diseases on Periodontal and oral health,Periodontal Regeneration,Periodontal Plastic surgery, Dental Implants, Epidemiology,Genotoxicity and Translational Research He has been awarded International Association of Dental Research(IADR) Star Network Academic fellowship 2019 under which he had worked under Dr Hannu Larjava Professor and Chair, Division of Periodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada. He is the first Indian to receive the above fellowship. Link for recepeint of IADR Star Fellowship
  1. Local drug delivery of folic acid promotes oral mucosal wound healing.

    Journal of Dental Sciences. 2021;16(1):532-533.

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  2. Application of adjunct vitamin D supplementation in the management of periodontal disease: A three-pronged approach

    Journal of Dental Sciences. 2021;16:334-335.

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  1. Publication

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Influence of Stress and Nutritional factors on Periodontal disease
DDS first year lecture on processing of x ray
DDH first year lecture on Radiographic errors and artefacts
DDH First year lecture on Radiation Biology 1
DDH First year lecture on Radiation safety and protection
Periodontal treatment of Medically compromised patient
Infection Control protocol
Introduction and evolution of Periodontology
Host Microbe Interaction in Periodontal disease
Trauma from occlusion
Influence of Systemic Disease on Periodontium
Influence of Haematological disorders on periodontium
Chemotherapy in Periodontal disease
Periodontal dressing