Prof. Asma Parveen

Prof. Asma Parveen is serving in the Psychology department and section for more than two decades. She did her post graduation in both Psychology (with gold medal) and Business administration (MBA). 

Her areas of specialization are Organizational, Abnormal and Biopsychology. She has  published 32 research papers in journals of national and international repute, and also wrote 15 chapters in different books. She has also contributed in the development of study material for PG Diploma in guidance and Counseling of Distance and Open learning program of Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi.

She has guided 6 PhD and 2 M Phil scholars successfully. One PDF has also been awarded under her supervision. At present 7 research scholars are pursuing their PhD work under her guidance.

Prof Asma Parveen has chaired many technical sessions in national and international conferences and seminars. She has also been a resource person in various webinar and conferences.

She also obtained a Good Clinical Practice Certificate from National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).

  1. Approaches and Techniques of Counseling
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  2. Stages and Process of Counseling
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  3. Meaning, Types, Needs and Goals of Counseling
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  4. Creativity and Giftedness
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  5. Mental retardation and Giftedness
  6. Organisational Role Stress as a predictor of Psychological health among technical and commercial managers
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  7. The Big Five Personality factors
  8. A study of Psychological well being and life satisfaction among students with high mobile phone usage
  9. Mindfulness based stress reduction therapy: case report
  10. Psychological well-being and mental health across nations during Covid 19
  11. Perceived social support:an insight into the mental well being of Kashmiri students
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  12. Relationship ofJob burnout with pro active coping among teachers
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  1. Ravan's Progressive Matrices
  2. Wide Range Achievement Test
  3. Mobile phone usage in relation to self esteem and loneliness among girl students
  4. Relationship between self esteem and Psychological well being among high and low mobile phone users
  5. Study of Relationship between Mental health and Assertiveness among Adolescents
  6. Nature of Learning and Memory
  7. Memory
  8. Concept and Theories of Intelligence
  9. Positive Behavioural support: an emerging paradigm in behavioural interventions
Syllabus Biopsychology PSB 657
Syllabus Organisational Psychology PSB 654
Anatomy of the Brain
The Brain
Generalized anxiety disorder: Symptoms and Etiology
Disorders associated with Neuro Transmitters
Phobia: Symptoms and Etiology
Methods of investigating Brain
Management centered and Employee Centered Approaches
New Techniques to investigate Brain
Neuro cognitive Disorders