Dr. Tariq Masood



    Assistant Professor


    Applied Econometrics, Economics of WANA Region, Energy Economics, Frontier Analysis


    B-05, Medical Colony, AMU, Aligarh





    Time Table


Dr. Tariq Masood is currently working as an assistant Professor (Economics) in the Department of West Asian and North African Studies, Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh. He has also worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Economics, University of Kashmir, Srinagar in the past.  His research areas include Applied Econometrics, Economic growth and Energy Economics.

Dr. Tariq has published various research papers in the areas of Microfinance,  Energy and Economic Growth of the Middle East region in the Sage, Springer, Wiley and Routledge Journals. 

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  5. Technical Efficiency of Micro finance Institutions in India : A Stochastic Frontier Approach

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  6. Identifying and characterising volatility in economic growth: Evidence from Saudi Arabia
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  1. Do renewable energy and globalization enhance ecological footprint: an analysis of top renewable energy countries?
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