Ross Masood Hall

Sir Ross Masood Hall

publicationAbout Sir Ross Masood

Born at Aligarh on February 15, 1889, Ross Masood was the grandson and the son of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Syed Mahmood respectively. Syed  Mahmood out of his affection with one of his friends Dr. Ross named the newly born baby Syed Mohammad Ross Masood. 'Ross' a Christian name is a part of Masoods' name because Sir Syed believed Hindu, Muslim, and Christian as members of one family and he did not distinguish among them.

After Sir Syed's death, the whole responsibility of Masood's education was  entrusted to Theodore Morison, the Principal of M.AO. College who kept Masood with his family and looked after his education thoroughly. The family took special interest in him and it was because of their strict training that Masood did very well in the classroom and on the playground. In 1905, he matriculated and secured a government scholarship for higher education in England.  At Oxford he created a name in education and sports. He captained the Tennis and Boxing teams of this college and through Morison he had chance to move in the  higher English society. Masood earned his B.A. Honours in 1910 from Oxford and  joined Lincolns Inn for Law which he completed in 1912 and returned to India.

Ross Masood was of the opinion that education imparted in mother tongue would be far conducive than the imparting of education in a foreign language. For that he wanted an Urdu University, already a plan for founding a University was in the process. He believed in the high ideals of the University. In his first speech in  Aligarh he said, "I am sad to see the short sightedness of those who looked to the dreams of youth with suspicions. They did not know what importance a dream 
has. This University, staff and students and the whole paraphernalia is the result of the dream of a selfless man. Remember, a nation which misses the power of dreaming does not have its goal, and does not try to give practical shapes to its scheme, is dead. Ross Masood stood for education in Science and Technology. Though a man of Social Sciences he was aware of what the teaching of science can give to a community with his untiring energy he persuaded the central government and the government of Nizam to give funds to the University funds, which may enable it to develop the teaching in science. Healthy brain in healthy body was the motto of Ross Masood. While he was busy in academic activities he did not ignore the physical activities of the students. In the beginning of 1937 his health further deteriorated and he passed away in July 1937. The dead body was brought to Aligarh where he was laid to rest on the left side of his grandfather. Perseverance, sincerity / discipline and devotion were the hallmarks of his character. He loved his students and was equally loved by them. His door was always open for .the needy and meritorious students whom he financed privately or from the Vice-Chancellors? Fund. He wanted Aligarh students to be examples for other. Students because of his generosity called him 'Hama Mahboob' Vice-Chancellor. He was a versatile genius and had full command over English, French, Italian, Arabic, Persian and Urdu but science was his major subject of interest and his untiring efforts.

About the Hall & Residents

 Sir Ross Masood Hall was established in the year 1969  in the fond memory of Sir Ross Masood, the grandson of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. The foundation stone of R.M. Hall was laid by Professor K. A. Nizami.  Prof. Abrar Mustafa Khan was the first Provost of this Hall. The initial strength of the hall was 480.  It comprises of 4 hostel blocks namely Nawab Ismail Khan Hostel (A-Block), SadarYar Jung Hostel  (B-Block), Abdul Majeed Khowaja (C-Block) and Habibur Rehman Hostel (D-Block).