S.T.S School


STS School Aims To Achieve The Following Expectations 

(Academic, Social And Civic)

        Exploration of the knowledge to the maximum. 

        Power of explaining and analyzing problems. 

        Effective communication skills to make learning effective both inside and beyond the class room. 

        Development of oratory skills in a variety of contexts. 

        Creation and sharing of aesthetic appreciation.

        Employing different technologies, organizing and sharing information to investigate and solve problems. 

        Critical Evaluation of data for content, source and relevance. 

        Apply knowledge to set goals and make well informed decisions throughout High School and beyond. 

        Demonstrate ethical behavior and the moral courage to sustain it. 

        Understand and participate in the democratic process. 

        Accept responsibility for decision and action. 

        Act with respect for the varied cultures and viewpoints in the society. 

         Display both local and global awareness for civic, economic and environmental issues.