Secretarial Practice Section Women's Polytechnic

Secretarial Practice Section Women's Polytechnic

Dept. data last updated on :14/11/2022

The Secretarial Practice section at the institute came into existence in 1966 with the establishment of University Women's Polytechnic. The section was established to offer quality education in the field of office management, economics and allied fields. The Diploma course namely Diploma in Secretarial Practice was started with an intake of 20 students. During the course of time the students intake has been raised to 35 wherein 5 seats are reserved for NRI students after looking at the popularity of the course. Currently the labs are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.


To produce vibrant professionals by providing quality education and training with moderate practical skills and knowledge in the field of office management in the allied fields.


M1: To have a proper balance between theoretical and practical subjects in the curriculum.

M2: To provide skill oriented training to students to meet the need of present day offices and companies.

M3: To create a conducive academic environment of learning for students.

M4: To focus on all-round professional development of the students in terms of theoretical, practical and communication skills.

M5: To facilitate effective interaction of students, faculty and resource persons from academic and corporate field.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Understand the nature of duties and responsibilities of a Secretary.

PEO2: Understand various issues related to office and business environment and the various forms of organisation structure.

PEO3: Develop students into well round professionals in terms of team work and office administration.

PEO4: Have a sound background of concepts taught in the given course such as accounting, secretarial practice, office noting and reporting, office organisation and management, computer applications, business communication, etc.

Program Outcomes (PO's)

PO1: Gain a thorough understanding of Administrative/ Secretarial responsibilities and work after completion of the course.

PO2: Develop ability to apply knowledge, skills and right attitude towards completion of task and responsibilities and develop problem solving approach.

PO3: Develop ability to compete and face challenges and successfully perform various Secretarial/ Office responsibilities and tasks assigned.

PO4: Apply various concepts and practical aspects of concepts learned like Computer Applications, Office Noting and Office Management skills, Shorthand, Accounting etc in routine office work system.

PO5: Demonstrate professionalism in work and tasks assigned time to time and successfully accomplish the results in time.

PO6: Apply organizational and human resource management skills effectively.

PO7: Perform different routine office procedures like mail handling, filing and indexing, dealing with clients and different parties, etc.

PO8: Develop understanding of handling and use of different office equipment and machines effectively and efficiently.

PO9: Develop good oral and written communication skills to deal with different internal and external employees, clients, companies etc.

PO10: Able to cope with changing corporate environment and work culture.

PO11: Provide excellent service to clients, customers etc.

PO12: Able to engage in life-long learning via participation in a professional society, professional development courses and office training courses.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1: Able to Identify the scope, role and functions of a secretary and apply them in the employing organisation.

PSO2: Able to ensure effective communication and dissemination of information to and from the board, both internally and externally, for the optimum benefit of the organisation.

PSO3: Able to inculcate lifelong learning and strive to become responsible citizen by practicing moral values, sustainability, sensitivity & ethics.