Secretarial Practice Section Women's Polytechnic

Thrust Area

Dept. data last updated on :14/11/2022

Thrust Area

  1. Office automation & management

  2. Fundamentals of business communication

  3. Purpose & structure of business, forms of business enterprises, sources of business finance.

  4. Economics

  5. Shorthand

  6. Office noting & reporting

  7. Accountancy, preparation of different accounts, final accounts etc.

  8. Office organization & management, functions & principles 

  9. Secretarial functions, basics of filling & indexing, office machines & office forms, receipts & despatch etc.

  10. Computer Application and allied areas

  11. Basic concepts of management of accounting, budgeting and preparation of budges.

  12. Banking practice and insurance.

  13. Labour law and labour relation

  14. Preparation of project related to field of study like commerce, business etc.