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Journal of the Indian Academy of Arabic (JIAA)

A Bi-Annual Refereed Research Journal in Arabic Language and Literature

Journal of the Indian Academy of Arabic (JIAA) is a peer reviewed research journal, published in Arabic by the Department of Arabic, Aligarh Muslim University, since 1976. It is a bi-annual research journal (September & March) of fully academic works. ISSN No.: 2250-0413 (Print Edition).

Chief Editor: Prof. Faizan Ahmad (Chairperson of the Department)


The Editor,

Journal of the Indian Academy of Arabic (JIAA)

Department of Arabic, Aligarh Muslim University,

Aligarh-202002, (U.P.)



All business correspondence should be addressed to:

Publication Division,

Aligarh Muslim University,

Aligarh-202002 (U.P.)


Publishing Rules of Articles:

1.  The articles sent for publishing in the journal should not be submitted for publishing in any magazines or periodicals or presented in any conferences or seminars.

2.      The full responsibility of the views expressed in the articles that are published in the Journal shall be on the writer and not on the editorial board.

3.      The articles should be free of any stylistic, typographical, linguistic, grammatical and spelling errors.

4.      The articles should be typed in Microsoft Word only.

5.      It is compulsory to mention the sources and references as per the research methodology rules.

6.      The articles should not be part of pure research thesis or dissertation.

7.      The researcher should follow the research rules in arrangement of sources and references.

8.      The editorial board has the right of consider/reject the paper.

9.      The subject of the paper should be significant and relevant with the aims and objectives of the journal.

10.  The researcher shall be committed to complete the modifications recommended by the experts.

11.  The researcher shall be provided a copy of the journal in which his/her article is published free of cost.

12.  The paper should not exceed ten (10) pages including appendices, references.

13.  The researcher should send an electronic version of the article to e-mail address of the magazine.