Department of Arabic

Under Graduate

Dept. data last updated on :29/11/2021


B. A. Arabic (Semester vise) 3 years Course 6 Semester


Indo-Arabic Literature, Modern Arabic Literature, Classical & Medieval Arabic Literature


20 + Foreigners (over and above)


+2 or Equivalent




Students can become eligible for further study in P.G. Courses, B.Ed courses, and pursue careers in Translation work, School teaching, Copy writing, Editing, Content writing, Creative writing and the Civil Services.


The BA Arabic Programme offers foundational courses in Classical, Medieval, Modern and Indo-Arab Literature in addition to Grammar and Translation.

It is also designed to maximize the exposure of learners to extensive syllabi covering the different periods of the development of Arabic literature with a view to enhancing language comprehension, communication skills and promoting critical thinking abilities.

It aims to make learners proficient in Arabic by providing them comprehensive training in all the essential LSRW skills.

It helps learners develop an understanding of soft skills needed in both informal and formal settings.


Upon completion of this Programme, students will be able to:

-      Develop a good understanding of the history and development of Arabic Literature.

-      Understand the nuances of Arabic language and phonetics.

-      Employ Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills to the optimum in informal and formal settings.

-      Articulate efficiently using verbal and non-verbal skills. 

-      Confidently exhibit acquisition of life-skills.