Department of Botany

Post Graduate

Dept. data last updated on :16/10/2021


M. Sc. (Botany)


Plant Pathology, Advanced Plant Physiology, Genetics, Environmental Botany, Plant Biotechnology




B.Sc. Botany




PSO1: To inculcate strong fundamentals on modern and classical aspects and to develop a conceptual understanding of the principles and importance of the subject. Students would be benefited with the knowledge of core subjects like plant diversity, plant diseases and their management, conservation techniques, plant taxonomy, ecology and environment, plant tissue culture, functional plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and plant biotechnology and genetics and cytogenetic etc. which are offered in these courses and would help to enable students to choose research for their career development.


PSO2: Students will learn about different laboratory techniques for the detailed study of plant cell structure, modes of reproduction, anatomy, breeding techniques, plant tissue culture, plant stress management through physiological tools like PGRs and nutrient management. Maintain a high level of scientific excellence through selection and application of appropriate research techniques, resources and modern technology in multidisciplinary mode. Students will learn about designing experiments, data recording, analysis and its interpretation to reach to a substantial conclusion.


PO-1: Students will develop critical thinking ability and will apply the knowledge to answer scientific queries and expand comprehension potential.

PO-2: Students will develop the ability to perform efficiently the various laboratory procedures by applying tools and techniques in the areas of Plant Pathology, Plant Anatomy, Environmental Sciences, Genetics, Advanced Plant Physiology, Plant Taxonomy and Ethnobotany, Plant tissue Culture and Biotechnology and their applications in biological sciences.

PO-3:  Students will develop the aptitude for creative thinking, critical analysis and decision making for productive research and development in the area of Botanical sciences.

PO-4:  Students will get the understanding of the professional and ethical responsibilities.

PO-5:  Students will develop effective communication skills through seminar presentations that enable them to successfully transfer the scientific knowledge both orally and in writing. That will facilitate students to take-up successful career in Botany.

PO-6 Students will also participate and succeed in various national and international competitive examinations.