Department of Botany

Under Graduate

Dept. data last updated on :16/10/2021


B. Sc. (Hons.) Botany








PEO-1:  Students will be able to explicate various plant processes and their functions, growth, development and metabolism, concepts and techniques in cell biology, genetics and plant breeding and how plant's function under the influence of environment. They will learn about types of plant diseases and their management and systematics of angiosperms and gain basic knowledge of environmental botany. It is to enable them to be resourceful in identifying the plant material, so they can critically differentiate the characteristics of various plant species based on plant diversity.


PEO-2: This is to create platform for higher studies in Botany. Students will have successful professional careers in academics as well as in the public/private sectors in the field of plant and agricultural sciences.

PEO-3: Students will be capable of acquiring basic and specialist science skills in botany that will boost their confidence and faith, for effective personal and professional development.


PO-1: Students will be able to effectively demonstrate the basic and conceptualized knowledge of plant sciences.

PO-2: Students will develop the ability to perform efficiently the various laboratory and field techniques they can apply for scientific reasoning and problem-solving. 

PO-3: Students will develop better communication skills by means of seminar presentations that will help to develop confidence for self-education and ability to engage in life-long learning.

PO-4: The students will be able to pursue various academic and professional courses and will be ready for entry-level jobs in any area of biology.

PO-5: It will facilitate students to take-up successful career in Botany and they will be able to actively participate and succeed in various competitive examinations.