Advanced Centre for Women's Studies

Eminent Speakers

Dept. data last updated on :30/01/2023

Invited Lectures

28th September 2002: Special Lecture on “Women & Law: Matrimonial & Property Perspective” by Prof. Mohammad Shabbir, Department of Law, AMU., in Women’s College.

28th Spetember 2002: “Rights of Women vis-à-vis Women as Victims & Offenders” by Dr. S. Sanyal of National Institute of Crimnology & Forensic Sciences, Delhi., in Women’s College.

8th September 2004: “The Woman in Indian Law”. First Extramural Lecture given by Ms Teesta Seetalvad.

10th October 2004: Prof. Malini Bhattacharya, former M.P. delivered a special lecture on ‘Women & Development: Changing Media Paradigms in the Era of Globalisation”.

8th March 2005: Lecture on Women in China” on the International Women’s Day by Ms. Yangshu Ying & Ms Cheng Li, Diplomats from People’s Republic of China.

2005: Extramural Lecture by Dr. Charu Gupta, Fellow Nehru Memorial Museum Library on “Socio-Religious Reform Movements in Colonial India”.

2005: Extramural Lecture by Dr. Siobhan Lambert-Hurley, Associate Professor, Nottingham University, U.K. on “Historicising Debates over Women’s Status in Islam”.

11th December 2010: Special Lecture on “Gender in the Early Sikh Community (16th – 17th centuries)” delivered by Prof. J. S. Grewal.

7th Nov. 2016: Special lecture on ‘Cultural Politics of Modern India, Focusing on Democracy and Secular Sectarianism’ delivered by Dr. Ajay Gudawarthy.

28th Nov. 2016: Special Lecture on ‘Court, Law & Judges: An Ethnography of Judicial Practice in Sharia & Civil Court of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh’ delivered by Dr. Anindita Chakrabarti.

1st March 2017: Lecture on ‘Representing the Gendered Self: Women & the Autobiographical Voice’ delivered by Dr. Anshu Malhotra.

26th February 2020: University Extension Lecture on ‘Emotions & Modernity in Colonial India: From Balance to Fervor’ by Prof. Margrit Pernau of Max Planck Institute of Human Development, Berlin, Germany.