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Seminar/conference/workshop Events

Dept. data last updated on :30/01/2023
NCW Sponsored One Day Online Workshop for Female Students of AMU

The One day online workshop is being organised in collaboration with National Commission for women. The workshop is titled "Capacity Building & Personality Development Workshop" for Female Students of AMU

Awareness Programs

20th Feb. 2005: All India Essay Writing & Poster Making Competition organised in collaboration with the British Council.

8th Mar. 2005: Poster Making & Slogan Writing Competition on International Women’s Day.

18th Sept. 2005: Film screening & discussion on ‘Khamosh Pani’.

Jan. 2006: Essay writing competition for students of AMU & non-AMU schools in Aligarh.

2nd Oct. 2006: Poster Making & Slogan Writing Competition was held.

2nd Oct. 2006: To raise awareness on the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, Nukkad Natak performed at Women’s College.

2008-09: Essay writing competition on “Need for Equal Opportunities for Girls & Boys in Education”.

2008-09: Poster Making & Slogan Writing competition on “Women Power” for students of Senior Secondary schools of AMU.

2009-10: Essay Competition on “Your Picture of Society Where Women Have Equal Rights as Men”.

2009-10: Poster Making Competition on “Liberate Women”.

2009-10: Slogan Writing Competition on “Liberate Women, Building Nation!”

3rd Feb. 2011: Nukkad Natak ‘Kamaal Kar Diya’ for 10+2 students.

8th Mar. 2010: On the Spot Poster & Slogan Writing competition on International Women’s Day on the theme “Quest for Gender Equality”.

8th Mar. 2011: Essay competition for Class XI-XII students on ‘Co-education of girls & boys in school is advantageous to both’.

8th Mar. 2011: Poster Making & Slogan Writing Competition for Class XI-XII students on ‘Gender Equality’.

23rd Dec. 2011: Film Screening & discussion on the film ‘Zubeida’.

8th Mar. 2012: Film screening & discussion on ‘Mammo’.

9th Mar. 2012: Film screening & discussion on 'Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam’.

8th Mar. 2013: Nukkad Natak Ye Waqt ab Badalna Hogaat the Centre.

9th Mar. 2013: Film screening & discussion on Izzatnagri ki Asabhya Betiyan’, a film on Khap Panchayats.

8th Mar. 2014: Celebration of International Women’s Day.

19th Nov. 2014: Screening & discussion on Oscar winning documentary ‘Saving Face’ on acid victims in Pakistan.

12th Oct. 2015: Screening of documentary ‘The World Before Her’ & discussion to celebrate International Day of the Girl Child.

10th Nov. 2015: Nukkad Natak titled ‘Honour’ for undergraduate students of Women’s College, AMU.

26th Nov. 2015: T-Shirt Painting competition on the theme ‘Say No to Violence Against Women’ was organised to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

26th Nov. 2015: Self-composed Poetry & Photography contest organised on the theme ‘Womanhood’.

8th Mar. 2015: 3D model making competition on the theme ‘Violence Against Women’ and ‘Women Empowerment’. Students from different schools in the city participated.

5th Mar. 2015: Poster & Slogan writing competition on the themes ‘Gender Justice’ & ‘Women and Planet 50:50’.

8th Mar. 2016: MONO Acts ‘Amanat’, ‘Khanam’ organised at the Centre.

26th Sept. 2016: Cleaning up of the locality around CWS under Swachchta Pakhwada on 26th September 2016.

29th Sept. 2016: Poster Making & Best out of Waste competitions were held on the occasion of celebration of Swatchta Pakhwada.

8th – 10th Mar. 2017: Three-day program was organised to celebrate International Women’s Day on the theme ‘Inclusive Development’. Competitions on Poetry Writing & Recitation, Slogan Writing, Just a Minute & Photography were organised on the occasion.

8th Mar. 2017: Nukkad Natak enacted on “Sexual harassment of women” at the Centre.

14 Sept. 2017: The Centre observed the Swachchta Pakhwada and dedicated it to the Manual Scavengers. A film on the life of Manual scavengers was screened at the department for the students to raise awareness about their problems.

30th Oct. - 4th Nov. 2017: Vigilance week was observed on the theme ‘My Vision- Corruption Free India’. Various programs included taking Integrity Pledge by students & staff of the Centre, Debate competition as well as Poster, Collage and Cartoon making competitions for the students.

6th - 10th Mar. 2018:  International Women’s day celebrations were held at the Centre by organizing team building activities, lectures and monologues & pledge taking.

19th Apr. 2018: Sensitization program organized at Advanced Centre for Women's Studies in collaboration with Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun on Clean Ganga Mission, for students & research scholars of Centre for Women’s Studies & Department of Wildlife Sciences, AMU.

7th - 13th Mar. 2019: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, activities were organized to raise awareness about women & gender issues. Fundraising program was organized for underprivileged students of Chahcha Nehru School.

4th – 7th Oct. 2019: Swatchta Hi Seva Week observed as per the direction of MHRD.

4th Oct. 2019: Screening of documentary ‘Is our Life too Plastic?’.

5th Oct. 2019: Essay writing competition on ‘Say Yes to Ban: Say Yes, We Can’.

28th Oct. – 2nd Nov. 2019: Vigilance Awareness Week observed at ACWS on the theme ‘Integrity – A Way to Life’.

20th Nov. 2019: Constitution Day was celebrated by organising a debate competition on "The Indian Constitution Gender Equality”.

20th & 21st Jan. 2020: Cleanliness drive organised as part of the Swatchta Pakhwada in the Centre.

24th Jan. 2020: Oath & Pledge taking to incorporate cleanliness in daily life.

25th Jan. 2020: National Voter’s Day was observed by taking of voter’s pledge by the staff of the Centre.

8th Mar. 2020: Poster & Collage making competition organised on the theme ‘I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights’ to mark the International Women’s Day.

Student Induction Programme (SIP)

2nd – 7th Sept. 2019: Deeksharambh for newly admitted students of BA & MA in Women’s Studies.


31st October 2002: One day seminar on Human Rights of Minorities in India with special reference to Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with the State Minorities Commission, Uttar Pradesh.

1st & 2nd April 2003: National Seminar on Violence against Women & the Girl Child.

10th & 11th October 2004: National Seminar on Women & Development.

29th – 31st August 2005: National Seminar on Women & Education.

20th – 22nd October 2008: International Seminar on Future as Conceived in the Past: The Evolving Visions of the Women’s Emancipation, funded by ICSSR & ICHR.

3rd – 5th October 2009. National seminar on Women in Modern Social & Political Thought.

11th – 13th December 2010: International Seminar on Women’s Rights & the Legal Systems: Historical & Cross-Cultural Perspectives.

25th – 27th February 2012: National Seminar on Women and Modern Political Systems.

19th – 21st January 2013: National Seminar on Women in India: From Repression to Empowerment.

1st – 3rd February 2014: National Seminar on Women’s Health in India: Issues & Concerns sponsored by ICSSR.

7th March 2017: One-day seminar on Agenda 2030 – Expanding the Knowledge Frontier was organized in collaboration with UNIC, UN Women for Gender Champions of AMU.

14th to 16th November 2018: ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on Women of Marginalized Communities: Concerns about Exclusion.


30th January 2002: “Physical & Mental Health of Adolescent Girls” organized for adolescent girls. More than 50 girls participated in the workshop.

8th – 10th July 2002: “Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme” held in collaboration with Syndicate Bank, AMU Branch for Diploma Holders in Garments Technology.

8th March 2003: “Training in Self Defense” for women students of AMU.

July 2003: Workshop on Women’s Issues for the NGOs in Aligarh.

28th – 30th August 2006: Regional workshop on “Women & Land Rights in Northern India” in collaboration with National Commission for Women, for framing recommendations for its consideration. Prof. Malini Bhattacharya, Member National Commission for Women, Prof. Zoya Hasan, Member, Minorities Commission, Prof. Mridula Mukherjee, Director Nehru Memorial & Library, Prof. Usha Nayyar, Prof. Utsa Patnaik, & Prof. Afzal Wani were the main speakers. A round table presided over by noted historian Prof. Irfan Habib was held to discuss the proposals.

8th – 12th March 2011: UGC SAM Workshop on ‘Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education’ was attended by 31 teachers from universities & colleges in the region.

8th – 12th September 2012: Workshop on Concept, Methods & Scope of Women’s Studies.

11th May 2013: Workshop on ‘Recovering Pasts: Interrogating the Present’ in collaboration with IAWS.

23rd – 28th 2013: National Workshop on Gender Awareness.

19th Sept. 2015: Gender Sensitization workshop conducted at Senior Secondary School for Girls. About 80 girls of classes XI-XII attended the workshop.

30th Sept. 2015: Gender Sensitization workshop conducted at Senior Secondary School for Boys. About 75 girls of classes XI-XII attended the workshop.

5th – 7th Dec. 2015: Workshop on ‘Legal Rights of Women: Creating Awareness’ organized in collaboration with AALI.

1st Oct. 2016: Gender Sensitizing Workshop on the theme ‘Sharing the Space’ organized for students of Department of Foreign Languages, AMU.

27th Jan. – 30th Jan. 2017: Gender Sensitization Workshop organized for AMU students on ‘Gender Mainstreaming’ in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (Regional Centre).

27th Feb. 2017: Gender Mainstreaming Workshop organized for students of Senior Secondary School (Girls), AMU.

29th July – 9th August 2017: Ten days ICSSR sponsored workshop on Research Methodology organized for Post graduate & Ph.D. students of AMU.

25th September 2017: One-day workshop on 'Gender Sensitization and Legal Advocacy' in collaboration with Humsafar for students of Teeka Ram Girls' College, Aligarh, Girls' High School, SSS (Girls) & SSS (Boys) AMU.

26th September 2017: One day workshop on “Feminist Research Methodology” for PhD students in Social Sciences & Humanities.

27th - 28th September, 2017: Two-day workshop on 'Gender, Constitution and Legal Rights' organized in collaboration with AALI, Lucknow for AMU students.