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Dept. data last updated on :27/11/2021

Educational Awareness Campaign

Department of Education, AMU Murshidabad Centre, West Bengal organized two-days “Educational Awareness Campaign” on 10th & 12th November, 2015. It was a community outreach programme, the objectives of this campaign was to spread the educational awareness among the unprivileged and downtrodden section of the society. For this purpose, two villages of Jangipur were taken i.e. Talie and Momintola. First day of this programme (on 10th November, 2015) was held at Talie village. All the students of B.Ed. of AMU Centre and some students of Guidance Academy School, Umarpur were collaborated with each other very nicely to make programme a very big event. Students had designed different types of poster having beautiful self-painted quotation on it and made a very clever strategy to cover whole village for this awareness campaign. During the rally, students were interacted with parents and elder member of each family. They tried to implant the seeds of necessity of education and eventually they succeed in gathering all children at one place for the concluding programme of awareness campaign. At last, a skit was presented by students viz. Samima Nasrin, Mary Najmin Akter, Afsana Rahman, Tabish Kamran along with few students of Guidance Academy School. The programme was concluded by distributing chocolate and elementary book among the village children.

On 12th November 2015, the campaign was organized at Momintola village on 12th November, 2015. Similarly, here also, the students of B.Ed. along with students of Momintola Senior Secondary Madrasa were part of Educational Awareness Campaign. This campaign covered the whole village; many educational slogans were chanted to motivate the villagers for teaching their children. Placards, posters, handbills and books were the source of motivation and attraction for children and elders during rally. Though, some Bengali known student did counselling for getting admission in different courses of AMU. During the programme, street play on the importance of education was staged on different places. After covering the entire village, a short cultural and educational programme was also organized in Momintola Senior Secondary Madrasa. Dr. Badaruddoza, Director, AMU Centre Murshidabad was the Programme Director and Dr. Aiyaz Ahmad Khan was the Organizing Secretary of this programme. All the faculty members and students of the department were actively participated in the programme.


Basic English Learning Course

Department of Education, AMU Centre Murshidabad has taken an initiative to spread the educational awareness among rural and backward destitute section of the society as a part of Institutional Social Responsibility. In this regard, AMU Centre Murshidabad has launched one-month free “Basic English Learning Course” from 29th April 2019 to 28th May 2019, in order to promote the English awareness in the vicinity of the Centre. This programme was inaugurated by Dr. Amir Jafar, Director-in-Charge, AMU Centre, Murshidabad. In his inaugural address he said that for children, thinking in English is very important. He also interacted with all the participating students and emphasised on practical English learning rather than theoretical. The Programme Coordinator, Mr. Mohammad Umair (Assistant Professor, Department of Education, AMU Centre, Murshidabad) welcomed all the participants and briefly introduced the design of the course. He explained the objectives, modules, time duration of the course. In this programme total nine Resource Persons were contributed namely Dr. Md. Fahimuddin, Dr. Atif Jilani, Dr. Md Musa Ali, Dr. Aiyaz Ahmad Khan, Dr. Rakibul Islam, Dr. Md Sarwar Alam, Mr. Tasneem Ahmad, Mr. Shadab Akhtar and Ms. Sarifa Sultana etc. Different resource Persons engaged in different activities. Importance of English learning, greeting etiquettes, expressing likes and dislikes about things and persons, questioning in different situations, physical descriptions of objects and persons, reading comprehension, self-introduction, formation of basic sentences, writing essays, writing application and personal letters etc. were the main topics which were exclusively discussed in the classroom. There are total sixteen students (Class VI & VII) were taken for this course from nearby school i.e. Bangabari High School, Ahiron. Classes were scheduled four days in a week from Monday to Wednesday. At the end of the programme, formal vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Abdul Samad (Organising Secretary). All the faculty members, students of B.Ed. and few teachers of Bangabari High School along with participating students were present during the programme. AMU Centre Murshidabad distributed kits and certificates to students enrolled in the course.