Interdisciplinary Department of Remote Sensing and GIS Applications

Thrust Area

Dept. data last updated on :24/11/2021

Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Environmental Studies

  1. Mapping of Land Use / Land Cover (LULC) and its temporal evolution (seasonal as well as long term) using multispectral satellite images.
  2. Climate Change Studies.

Remote Sensing & GIS applications in Water Resource Studies

    1. GIS based simulations of water & sediment dynamics in river basins and aquifers.
    2. Flood mapping and simulations using optical & microwave satellite data and rainfall-runoff modeling.
    3. Estimations of groundwater and surface water storage and flux using satellite altimetry and space-based gravity observations.
    4. GIS assisted mapping of Groundwater Potential Zones, Aquifer Vulnerability Zones, Water Quality Index etc.