Department of Library and Information Science


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Library and Information Science


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As per Guide to Admission


As per Guide to Admission


The students are getting the placements in:
Academic Libraries
Special Libraries
Corporate/Business house Libraries
Museums and Archives
Database provider firms
Public Libraries
Training Academies
Media Houses
Ministry Libraries
Embassy Libraries
R & D Institute Libraries
Training Centers
Publishing Houses
Documentation centers, etc.


  • To develop the advanced and scientific aptitude that enhances the ability of questioning, examining, correlating, testing, hypothesizing and analysing the complex problems in the field of library and information science.
  • To impart critical thinking, relevant competencies and equip research scholars to use qualitative and quantitative research methods for exploring the complex research problems.
  • To make the original and significant contribution to the field of library and information science and to produce high quality research.
  • To train the researchers about the advanced techniques and innovative research methods in the specialised areas of library and information science


At the end of the program, a research scholar will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and competencies of some of the fundamental research areas including assessing the various qualitative and quantitative methods of research in library science.
  • Effectively communicate the results of their research and compile quality reports, documentation and research artciles for publication.
  • Develop the skills to use suitable research methods and techniques in new vistas and emerging fields of library science.
  • Conduct and explore independent research assignments and projects at the national and international level.
  • Recognise the complex problems related to library and information science