Department of Library and Information Science


Dept. data last updated on :03/06/2023

Seminar Library and Computer Lab

SOPs for Seminar Library

· Request from Faculty Members and Research Scholar is obtained to suggest books particularly related      to the Syllabi

· Duplicate checking is done to avoid purchasing of duplicate books and journals.

· A final list of Books and Journals are prepared and sent to the Maulana Azad Library for placing order     to concerned Book Distributors.

· After receipt of Books and Journals, accessioning work is done in the Accession Register of the                Seminar Library.

· Accession Register for the available resources is maintained in the hard copy.

· Bar-coding for each book is done along with affixation of Bar-code label.

· Creation of database for the whole collection is done in Alice for Windows library management software.

· Issue and Return process is done using Hand-held barcode scanner.

· Despite the Centralized Acquisition Process done by Maulana Azad Library, all newly purchased books    are catalogued and classified in the seminar library using DDC Scheme and LIBSYS 7.0 software           respectively.

· Seminar Library offers various facilities and access services to faculty members and students, including lending service, current awareness services, online public access catalogue, access to computer, Internet, Wi-Fi and printout facility.

SOP’s for Computer Lab

·       The lab is open for faculty members and students of the department. It is used for training of multiple library management software and for the promotion of teaching and research in the department.

·      The lab is maintained by a faculty coordinator and a lab In-charge.

·       Authorized access based on the login ID and password is being provided for using the computer lab.

·      The lab is available only for currently enrolled B.Lib.I.Sc and M.Lib.ISc students for practical training based on the academic programs of the department.

·      Each student wishing to use the computer lab needs to enter his/her details including the system number to be used, in the lab register.

·   All others desirous to use the computer lab should make requests to the lab in-charge for seeking the permission.

·   The lab In-charge is responsible for assisting students and faculty members for accessing the software, databases, internet or any other help in the lab.

·      All the systems available in the computer labs are provided with anti-virus software to ensure the integrity of patrons' data and to protect the systems of the lab from any harmful virus.

·     The lab in-charge is having the authority to restrict the access of the computer lab to any student who does not follow the lab protocol and procedures.

There are four software and one database management system available in the computer lab i.e., LibSyS, Alice for Windows, SOUL, GSDL and WIN-ISIS. Besides, online bibliographic databases provided by M.A. library.

Before the start of the academic session, the lab in-charge ensures:

(i) Checking the working condition of all the modules of the software.

(ii) Checking updates of the software (if any) from the developing agency.

(iii) Maintaining databases, records, fields and entries in the software.

(iv) Modifying and deleting dummy entries used for student’s practice.  

(v) Maintaining high-speed internet and networking in the lab.

SOPs for Office

· Maintain a perfect liaison between the Faculty office and Administrative offices of the university.

· Receipt and Dispatch of office orders, memos, circulars and other correspondences etc.

· Regular updation of the department webpage with the current circular and notices.

· Maintenance of files related to faculty members and office staff.

· Maintenance of personal files of all the Ph.D scholars.

· Maintenance of leave records of all the employees of the department.

· Prompt circulation of notices, circulars among the staff and students of the department.

· Maintain the statistical data related to students, staff and faculty members of the department

· Maintenance of office accounts and stationary.