Department of Moalejat


Dept. data last updated on :11/04/2023


vTo creates a Centre of Excellence for imparting state-of-the-art knowledge and to produce Unani Professionals to engage in the National Health Delivery System.


vTo promotes Tibb and transforms students into successful professionals through a rigorous curriculum and Research & Clinical oriented thoughts that foster academic excellence to serve the Nation and Mankind with the best possible Health care with Unani Medicines.


Prior to the inception of the Post graduate Department of Moalejat in 1985, it was a section of the then Department of UnaniTib and Surgery. Before separation the Moalejat section was carrying out teaching and training of undergraduate students by well known Hukma (Unani Physicians) of that time like late Hakim Ifhamulla Khan sahib, late Hakim Khalil Ahmed Jaisi sahib, late Hakim Syed Ali Haider Jafri sahib, Hakim Syed Maudood Ashraf sahib and Prof. Abu Bakar Khan with their out standing skill and efforts. All of them had oriental back ground except Prof. Abu Bakar Khan and who had a vast clinical experience of Matab (Unani Clinic).Although they had no formal scientific back ground but to their best efforts they had tried to incorporate modern methods of teaching and research methodology available at that time. All the teaching staff of the department except Hakim Syed Maudood Ashraf sahib had formal scientific qualification and had post graduate qualification either in Ilmul Advia or in Moalejat and one in Modern Medicine also. The combination of oriental and scientific knowledge along with postgraduate qualification; exposure to the research institutions and supervision/guidance of able teachers/personalities had developed scientific research aptitude and confidence in teachers as well as in students of the department for better teaching/research in the field of Moalejat. In the Dec. 2011, two new departments namely Amraz-e-Jild Wa Zohrawiya and Ilaj Bit Tadbeer were created from the existing department i.e. Moalejat.

It is worthy to note that various Books/Monographs & Research papers/Articles are in credit to the teachers and P.G. students, which have been published in different National and International journals. The faculty/ P.G. students have also participated/ presented their papers in several National and International conferences/ seminar/ symposia/workshops to date.

Apart from the above, the teachers/P.G. students are also providing health care to the public by attending OPDs/ IPDs of A. K. Tibbiya College Hospital in Unani as well as in Modern Medicine. P.G. Students are also trained in performing as well as interpreting E.C.G. and advanced Bio-Chemical tests including Hormonal assay. Moreover, our Hospital is also equipped with advanced X-Ray & Ultra Sonography Machine.