Department of Moalejat

Joint Project

Dept. data last updated on :12/05/2022

To study the efficacy of Majoon -e Dabidul Ward as Adjutant therapy in lung Cancer

Deptt. of TB & Chest Diseases ,JNMC ,AMU

P I: Prof Mohammad Shameem

Co -P I: Prof Badrudduja Khan

A Randomised Clinical Trial to Study the Effects of Safoof Muhazzil with Arqe Zeera and Orlistat on Biomarkers of Obesity

Deptt. of Medicine, JNMC, AMU

PI: Dr. Mohd. Aslam

Co-PI: Prof. Abdul Mannan

Prof. A.B.Khan, has been collaborating with the department of Medicine/Rheumatology, Metro Health Medical Centre, USA and working on the project "Mechanism of osteo arthritis (OA) suppression by VME" for about one year.