Department of Petroleum Studies

Important Laboratories

Dept. data last updated on :02/08/2023


The Department has well equipped facilities in the following laboratories

1.Petroleum Testing Laboratory

2. Polymer and Composite Materials Laboratory

4. Reaction Engineering Laboratory

5. Computer Application Laboratory

Please visit individual laboratory web pages to see Facilities Available, Photo Gallery, Download Lab Manuals, and to see Web Based Learning Materials.

Laboratory facilities in the following area exist in the sister department, which are shared by the UG/PG students of the Department of Petroleum Studies

1. Fluid Mechanics

2. Mechanical Operations

3. Heat Transfer

4. Mass Transfer

5. Chemical Engg. Thermodynamics

In addition to the above, the Department also have advanced research facilities in the following areas/lab

 1. Surface Science and Engineering

 2. Polymer and Composite Materials

 3. Advanced Separation Processes

 4. Alternative Energy

 5. Algal Biofuels

 6. Polymer Surfactant Systems 

 7. Biomass Conversion

 8. Materials Degradation and Stabilization

 9. Computation Facilities