Department of Petroleum Studies


Dept. data last updated on :10/11/2022


Ph.D. in Petroleum Studies


Not Applicable


Number of seats are declared separately for each session


Please refer to the webpage of Controller of Examinations


Please refer to the webpage of Controller of Examinations


Teaching, R&D, Industry, Entrepreneurship in Petroleum, Petrochemical, Polymer, Energy and allied areas


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO-1 : To undertake the high-quality original research in the fields of but not limited to petroleum, petrochemicals, and energy.

PEO-2 : Strengthening and developing a fundamental background and enabling the candidate to identify the research gap(s), development of a novel doctrine, and development of action-plan to execute the conceived idea(s).

PEO-3 : To impart the ability to design and execute experimental and theoretical studies according to action-plan, and critical analysis of results leading to concrete conclusion(s), to communicate research findings with the scientific community in the form of peer-reviewed publications and talks.

PEO-4 : To inculcate the ethics related to workplace safety, environmental concerns, co-existence, plagiarism and the honesty of results.       


Program Outcomes (POs)

  1. An enthusiastic ­researcher with logical mind, technological skills and high moral values capable of influencing the technological, economic and social aspects petroleum and allied sectors.

  2. Enabled to think out of the box, develop novel ideas and action-plan without fearing failure, and learn lessons from the failures in a festive manner.

  3. Enabled to undertake the scientific problems independently and develop feasible and economically viable solutions in a time-bound manner.

  4. Capable of writing scientific literature, reports, patent documents, etc., and their effective public presentations.  

  5. Enabled to play relevant role in positions of industries, service companies, research labs and higher education.

  6. Development of passion and skills for life-long learning and innovations.

  7. Enabled to conceive, design, critically analyse, adapt, plan and carryout research work independently.